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Switch between Bitwarden accounts quickly and easily

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The Bitwarden Password Manager browser extension, desktop, and mobile apps have the ability to quickly switch between Bitwarden accounts, with multiple accounts logged in at once, making it more convenient than ever to use Bitwarden for work and personal use on the same devices.

The convenience of switching Bitwarden accounts

If you have multiple Bitwarden accounts, such as a personal and work account, you can now access vault items from either without having to log out and back in again.

The header in the application shows which account you currently have active. On click it will reveal a dropdown menu with an option to add a new account and a list of other accounts you’ve logged into already. From here, you can select which account to access, with only one account active at a time.

A new drop down for adding accounts - Desktop application account switching

Drop down on desktop application (above) and iOS (below)

Account Switching in iOS - Screenshot of iOS Bitwarden client demonstrating account switching feature

Any vault operation, such as searching or adding vault items, takes place in the currently active account. Each account remains separate with no interaction between them, nor are they aware of each other. This keeps everything separate, clean, and private.

Add up to a total of five accounts, with any mix of cloud (including US or EU clouds) or self-hosted installations. Each operates independently with separate vault timeout and unlock settings, so that a work account may use biometrics to unlock, while a personal one uses a PIN, or whatever you prefer!


Account switching is available on desktop and mobile applications and all browser extensions except Safari (packaged with Mac desktop app, available in a future release). For additional detailed information, visit Help: Account Switching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is account switching?
Easily switch between multiple Bitwarden accounts, such as your personal and work accounts, from a dropdown list without having to log out and back in again. This provides convenient access to vault items from either account and allows you to maintain separation of personal and work vault items.

Q: How many accounts can I switch between?
Up to a total of five accounts are supported at once. Each account is independent from the other and can have unique vault timeout and unlock settings.

Q: Can I search for or perform other functions on items from any vault?
Only one account is active at a time. In order to work in another account’s vaults, it must be switched to being active.

Q: Can I select which account to autofill from?
Autofill will only work for the account that’s currently set as active. On mobile, the autofill screen has an option to change the active account.

Q: Does this work for self-hosted installations?
Yes, self-hosted installations are supported, and a mix of cloud and self-hosted accounts can be logged into at once.

Q: At work, does this mean that users can save or duplicate company logins into a personal account?
The accounts are separate and there’s no interaction between them. Only one is active at any time.

Q: Can I turn this off for my business?
The ability to switch between accounts is not governed by enterprise policies at this time. Bitwarden is evaluating feedback for future functionality.

Q: What benefit does this bring to my workplace?
Users have to juggle numerous passwords for their online applications and services. Whether at work and needing to check a personal banking account or at home and needing to log into a work-related application, being able to switch between Bitwarden accounts makes it easy to access both without needing to merge logins. This allows for better demarcation between personal and work.

Q: I’m on a shared computer, how can I be sure that my vault isn’t accessed by others?
It is best practice to fully log out of the account every time you are done. You can also add more security by adjusting your vault timeout settings to either log out or lock the vault after a short time period.

Q: Will there be a “unified experience” where I can have every account active at once?
Bitwarden is collecting and evaluating feedback from users about this potential feature. Today Bitwarden supports one active account at a time.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on February 16th, 2022 and updated on January 16th, 2023 to include new updates.

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