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New Tools for Managed Service Providers

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With premium support, flexible deployment options, and individualized training, Bitwarden has long served Managed Services Providers (MSPs) who provide a wide range of IT and security services to clients.

Today Bitwarden launched a new Provider Portal to further expand the company’s overall partner program. Through the portal, MSPs can easily manage clients’ password management services, all in one place, with simple access to each separate Organization. Two new user types allow for delegation of management and ensure clear differentiation between service provider and client users.

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Why Bitwarden matters for MSPs

In the world of increasing cyber threats, clients demand more comprehensive security solutions. One crucial part of a secure defense is proper password practices, such as using complex, long, and random passwords that are unique for every site and service. Without easy-to-use password management tools this is hard to achieve with any size workforce.

Enter Bitwarden, a robust, open source solution with a feature suite that keeps clients’ passwords and secrets secure. Easy to deploy and manage, Bitwarden enhances MSP security offerings and simplifies onboarding new clients. With tools such as the Bitwarden Directory Connecter and SSO Integration, clients’ users can be quickly provisioned and immediately start safely sharing sensitive data and logins.

With a transparent, open source approach to password management and zero-knowledge encryption, it’s easy for providers to confidently offer Bitwarden to their clients. MSPs can extend powerful security practices to all of their employees’ online experiences across platforms and an unlimited number of devices. Bitwarden also enables business scale - MSPs can add more client organizations to accommodate more customers and seats can be expanded on a prorated basis as clients grow.

Bitwarden has a Partner Program to help MSPs with their business and achieve their growth goals. For more information visit The Bitwarden commitment to MSPs and their success is visible with the expansion of our partner programs and launch of new capabilities, such as the new Provider Portal.

The new Provider Portal

Client Organizations listed within the Provider Portal

Once set up with a Provider account, MSPs have access to the Provider Portal and have the user role of Provider Admin. This gives full management capabilities of the account, client organizations, and other users of the Provider Portal. From the Manage tab, staff and technicians can be provisioned as Service Users which allows them to access and manage client organizations once onboarded.

Accessing a Client Organization

The portal enables Provider Admins the ability to create new Client Organizations where they and their policies can be managed, just like a typical Bitwarden Organization. A list of all Client Organizations makes navigating each of them streamlined, and a visual indicator notates that a MSP user is accessing a client organization via the Provider Portal.

Adding an Existing Organization

For MSPs already managing multiple Organizations within Bitwarden, Organizations under management can be transferred to the Provider Portal with ease.

This new Provider Portal showcases continued support for all types of provider partners by Bitwarden. For more information on how to use the Provider Portal, check out this article: Get Started with Providers.

Value delivered to MSP clients

Poor password practices impact company-wide security as one of the most common threats. With end-users often reusing passwords, business accounts could be at risk if one of those reused passwords becomes exposed in a data breach - even if it were entirely unrelated to the clients’ business. For this reason, any company with sensitive data has a need to plug that security hole with a robust, user friendly password manager.

With in-depth documentation, an active community base, and a simple user interface, it is easy for end-users to get set up in Bitwarden and begin generating and storing strong passwords and encrypting text and files. Setting up Users, Groups, and Collections also allows for intuitive management of sharing logins and passwords among teams.

Along with the transparency of open source and the privacy of end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption, Bitwarden regularly completes penetration testing and security audits by third-party firms. SOC 2 and HIPAA certifications demonstrate that Bitwarden can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries while complying with regulatory security policies.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder that MSPs, businesses, and individuals find Bitwarden to be one of the best password managers on the market, with publications such as U.S. News and World Report declaring Bitwarden the Best Password Manager for 2021.

Password security for everyone

Bitwarden supports password security for all. From the individual to families, small businesses to large enterprises, Bitwarden believes that everyone should have the tools needed to safely store and share sensitive data and be safe online. Start a free 7-day trial for business plans at Individuals can access a Bitwarden Premium Account for just $10/year or a free account at

More info

Bitwarden will be hosting a webcast about the Partner Program and running a demo of the Provider Portal on August 31st, with registration available through Crowdcast.

The initial rollout of the new MSP Provider Portal will be prioritized for MSPs with at least 10 enterprise seats under management. More information can be found on the FAQ Page.

Additional features from the release can be viewed in the release notes.

More information for MSPs is available at

For more information on how Bitwarden is right for your business, check out the product page.

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