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How a password manager adds to productivity at the office

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  2. How a password manager adds to productivity at the office

In this modern age of technology, a password manager is a very important tool. Not only do these applications help you lock up your passwords in an encrypted vault, but they can also help you (and your teams) be more productive.

That might sound like a bullet point from a sales pitch, but it's true. A password manager offers a considerable boost to productivity for teams that need to work efficiently and collaboratively, without compromising security. Let's take a look at some of the ways a password manager can improve your productivity.

Save time

Password managers save you time. How many times have you gone to log into a service, forgotten your password, and had to spend far too much of your time either tracking down that password or resetting it?

The truth is, passwords can be a real time-suck, so anything you can do to keep this process efficient will add to your productivity. The last thing you need is to waste time trying to remember a password. If you run a business with a large team, those wasted minutes can really add up.

But it's not just about the resetting of passwords. Instead of having to type out complicated passwords, your team members can either use the password manager to copy or auto-fill those credentials for them. That alone can save precious time and empowers your team to use strong and unique passwords for every account without the headache of remembering them all.

No more forgotten passwords

A password manager will prevent your team from simply forgetting their passwords. Everyone forgets a password now and then, but when you have a company filled with team members who depend on passwords, every time someone forgets one, it halts productivity. A password manager avoids this pitfall and streamlines operations.

Stay apprised of password breaches

Website breaches do happen and sometimes passwords for select websites are exposed. When those breaches occur, you or any one on your team could be affected. When you know a certain credential has been exposed, you can take swift action to take care of the problem (most often by changing your password and setting up 2FA wherever possible). If you don't know your credentials were in a breach, you might wind up the victim of a hack.

This is the kind of issue everyone on your team needs to be keenly aware of and frequently updated on in order to best protect themselves and the company. Modern password managers should include a report that keeps users up to date if their passwords have been breached. Making this efficient (such as the Bitwarden Reports feature) goes a long way to keep your team members productive. Instead of having to track down this information from multiple sources, users only need to log into the web vault, go to the Reports tab, and find out if any of their accounts have been breached.

Generate strong passwords

If you use a password manager for any reason, let it be this one. The time for simple passwords is long over. If you're not using strong passwords, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to cyberattacks.

I've watched people try to come up with strong passwords on their own and it's almost comical. That struggle is real and it can eat up time. This is especially true if you're having to create new accounts regularly.

Thankfully, most good password managers include the tools needed to generate strong and unique passwords. With the click of a button, Bitwarden will generate a password that would take centuries to hack, so you don't have to struggle to come up with one. That's a clear win for productivity.

Better collaboration

Any password manager for teams will include collaboration features. With these features you can share passwords within your organization, while also keeping your personal vaults isolated from vaults your collaborators can access.

Even better, password managers like Bitwarden also allow you to securely share vault entries like credit cards, identities, and secure notes. Of all the productivity-saving features, this one is probably the most important because it means your team members won't have to bother managers or other leaders for those credentials to log into the accounts they need.

And there you have it, my friends, some of the reasons why a password manager can help your teams (ergo your company) be more productive. If you're still skeptical, I would suggest you add a password manager into the collaborative mix to see just how much it can help.

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