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Redeeming your Free Families Plan

Bitwarden is committed to keeping your sensitive data secure both at work and at home. As part of that dedication, Bitwarden allows all members of Enterprise Organizations to redeem a complimentary Families Plan with their personal email address.

The free Families Plan allows you and up to five additional accounts (6 accounts total) to take advantage of premium features as well as share items with other members of your Families Organization.

The free Families Plan sponsorship is granted in one year increments from the time it is redeemed, so if you are still a member of the same Enterprise Organization next year, your sponsorship will renew automatically. If you are not still a member of an Enterprise Organization, you can choose to either pay to renew your Families plan for another year or contact us to downgrade to a Free Plan.

Redeem your Families Plan

  1. Sign into the Bitwarden Password Manager Web app

  2. Click on your Account icon and Account settings

LC-PM Select Account Settings

3. Click on Free Bitwarden Families

LC-PM Select Free Bitwarden Families

4. Enter your personal email and click Redeem

Bitwarden Familles gratuit

5. Go to your personal email inbox and click Accept Offer

LC-PM Accept Free Families Subscription

6. If you have an existing Bitwarden account with your personal email Log in or, if you do not have an existing Bitwarden account with this email, click Create account

7. When you log in you will be prompted to enter an Organization name (ex. The Smith Family) and enter a Billing email, which can be the same as your personal account email

LC-PM Create Family Org Name and Provide Billing Address

8. You will then have the ability to add on any Additional storage (optional) and will need to enter a form of payment.

Don't worry, we won't charge you anything unless you select additional features (ex. storage) or your sponsorship expires.

9. Once you hit Submit, you will be taken back to your personal account's Web app and your new Organization vault (ex. The Smith Family) will now show up under My vault

10. As you will be the Owner of that Organization, you'll want to learn more about administration. Read our Getting started guide or watch our Bitwarden 101 video series for admins and invite your family so they can securely store and share their sensitive data as well.

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