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Expanding the Bitwarden experience from one to many at work

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If you're new to the world of password managers, you may have come to Bitwarden as a single user looking to save sensitive login and other account information safely with an encrypted vault. With all of the features you'd expect in a premium password manager, Bitwarden is perfectly at home saving all of your personal items, which can be retrieved from the web, desktop, and mobile versions of the application.

But Bitwarden isn't only geared toward individual, personal usage. Bitwarden is also perfectly at home with teams of all sizes as well as business and enterprise organizational needs. But given there are multiple types of plans you can choose from, what's the difference, and which plan is best suited for your needs?

Let's break it down simply, so you can be sure which Bitwarden plan is the one for you.

It all starts with two different types of plans.

Before we break this down into types, know that there are core features that all Bitwarden plans include, such as zero-knowledge encryption; unlimited devices and syncing; free desktop and mobile apps to use; store notes, credit cards, and identities; free sharing for up to 2 users, Bitwarden Send, username/password generator, email alias integration, and encrypted export.


Personal plans are geared toward individuals and families. These plans aren't about large organizations or teams that need to collaborate but those who need to save their sensitive information to a vault and maybe share items with family members.

The Personal type of account is broken down into three different plans, which are:

  • Free - limited to 2 Users and 2 Collections; basic 2 Factor Authentication (email and authentication app); Username Data Breach Report; Self-hosting options. Price - Free.

  • Premium - limited to 2 Users and 2 Collections; all features included in the Free plan as well as advanced 2 Factor Authentication (including YubiKey, FIDO2, and Duo); 1 GB of personal encrypted file attachments; Bitwarden Authenticator; Vault Health Reports; Emergency Access, Priority Support; and self-host options. Price $10/year.

  • Families/Organizations - 6 Users, unlimited Collections; all features included in the Premium plan plus 1 GB organizational items. Price $40/year.

If you're an individual that only needs the basic features of a password manager, the Free plan is a good choice. However, if you want more advanced 2 Factor Authentication and larger file attachment sizes, the Premium account is a great value. For families, the Family/Organization plan is the way to go.


There are two different business plans to choose from, both of which include all the features found in the Personal Premium plan as well as others that are more suited for business use cases. Here are those plans:

  • Teams - all of the features found in Premium as well as unlimited users; unlimited sharing through Collections; API access; event and audit logs; user groups; and a directory connector. Price $4/user/month.

  • Enterprise - all the features found in Business Teams as well as SCIM support; custom roles; enterprise policies; SSO integration; free family plan for all users; admin password reset; and self-host option. Price $6/user/month.

If you're an SMB, the Teams plan would be ideal to help your teams better collaborate with sensitive information and do so safely. If you're a larger enterprise organization, you'll probably want the additional Single Sign On integration, SCIM support, and the ability to implement enterprise policies and custom user roles.

And that's the breakdown of the Bitwarden plans. Whether you're one or many, at home or work, Bitwarden has a plan for you. Even better, with both the Personal and Business plans you can take all of the features out for a 14-day trial run.

For more information about the Bitwarden Plans, make sure to check out the price/feature matrix.

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