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April/Mei 2023 Spotlight: Wereld Wachtwoord Dag enquête

De resultaten zijn onthutsend: 20% van de respondenten meldt dat ze zijn getroffen door een datalek.

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Automated Logic lost uitdagingen toegangsbeheer op met Bitwarden
Automated Logic lost uitdagingen toegangsbeheer op met Bitwarden

The leadership team at Automated Logic, a business unit of Carrier, a global provider of sustainable and intelligent building solutions, realized it needed a solution to its access management challenges. After determining that a password manager was the solution they needed, the team developed a list of requirements including multi-device access, zero-knowledge encryption, single-sign on integration, centralized management, and more. Read the full story about how Automatic Logic solves their security challenges with Bitwarden.

World Password Day - Global Survey 2023
World Password Day - Global Survey 2023

For the third year in a row, Bitwarden surveyed over 2,000 internet users around the world to learn how they view and manage their passwords and their take on passwordless security. The results are in and (spoiler alert) 19% of respondents still admit to using the word “password” as their primary password to safeguard online accounts, and 20% reported they have been affected by data breaches. The survey also explored sentiments around passwordless technology including methods such as biometrics, passkeys, or security keys. See the results of the 2023 World Password Day Survey to learn more.

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More Bits and Bites

Two methods for saving a new account login to your Bitwarden vault

Signing up for an account on a new website or application is pretty simple — enter username/email, create a password, confirm password. But how do you create a strong login and make sure that it’s securely saved in your Bitwarden vault for later access? Learn about the methods for saving passwords and new features that have been added to the autosave banner!

How to change your main Bitwarden password

Your Bitwarden master password is the key to all of your vault entries, such as login credentials, cards, and secure notes. That master password should be strong and unique but also one you can memorize. If you are concerned that your Bitwarden master password may be too weak or fear it has been compromised in some way, you'll want to change it. Read the article to learn how.

How to create a subset of credentials on your device

What do you do if your vault is jam packed with entries and you find it's become a bit too much for your everyday needs? Or maybe you have a desire to create a subset of credentials for your account when traveling, for example, so you have access to two completely different vaults. Explore the recommended approaches to creating a subset of credentials on your device.

How to use the Bitwarden built-in password history tool

The Bitwarden password history tool offers a secure way to see the recent passwords you have generated in your vault. This comes in handy if you generate a password for a new entry and accidentally close it without saving. If you know that was the most recent password you generated, you can easily find it again using this tool. Read the article to learn how to use this feature on the desktop application, and where to access the password history tool from the browser extension, mobile app, and web vault.

World Backup Day - Top tips to protect your passwords

On World Backup Day, we remember how important it is to backup our data. Perhaps that is your treasured digital photographs, or the novel you’ve been writing for the past several years. In almost every case, it means backing up sensitive information such as logins, passwords, secure notes, and other items. Get expert tips on how to protect the primary login for your password manager, as well as the information within your vault.

Combating cyber threats in collegiate and professional sports

Travon Walker, the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft,  signed a four-year, $37.4 million contract with a $24.4 million signing bonus. That is a staggering amount of money. As the public is made aware of these massive contracts, hackers and bad actors lurk in the shadows ready to capitalize on the ill-equipped. This is why it is paramount that all college and professional athletes use a password manager to improve their online security. Learn more about the progress needed to combating rising cyber threats in the sports industry.

Community Spotlight

The global Bitwarden community plays an important role in contributing to a world free of breaches and hacks. This month, we’d like to thank Reddit user eixhc for detailing how they maximize their Bitwarden experience when using hardware keys. Check out the post on Reddit and share your own cool tips on how to get the most out of Bitwarden.

Reddit user eixhc details how they maximize their Bitwarden experience when using hardware keys
Reddit user eixhc details how they maximize their Bitwarden experience when using hardware keys

Calling all developers: Secrets Manager beta is live

Head over to the Bitwarden subreddit to learn what a “secret” is, how it can improve your developer pipeline. Join the conversation!

Join Bitwarden Live

Securing your developer secrets with Bitwarden Secrets Manager
Securing your developer secrets with Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Calling all developers, DevOps engineers and IT specialists! The Bitwarden team is hosting a virtual secrets management event on May 25, 2023 at 11 am EDT.  Register now to get a live demo of the new Bitwarden Secrets Manager and learn why end-to-end encryption is crucial to securing the entire developer lifecycle. 

More Upcoming Events

  • Weekly Live Demo: Every Wednesday at 12 pm EDT
    Join us for a live walkthrough of the Bitwarden Password Manager business features and capabilities and ask your questions during live Q&A

  • Managed Service Provider Demo: May 11 and May 25 at 12 pm EDT
    Learn about the Bitwarden Password Manager features and capabilities designed for managed service providers and their clients

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