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How to Protect your Family with a Password Manager

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Bitwarden provides complimentary families plans to employees on an enterprise plan, enabling them to bring password security home to their loved ones. With up to six users receiving premium features and sharing, you can quickly become a digitally safe and savvy household. Read the details here to learn how to activate this great perk through your Bitwarden work account.

Talking to your family about password security

A password manager works best when widely used, and family members may need help understanding password security. Providing education and helpful tips can help them move ahead. Try these ideas to get the whole family on board.

The pitch for a password manager

You need strong, unique passwords for every account to protect yourself against website hacks and data breaches. But it’s not possible to remember them all, and typing them in is tiring. A password manager like Bitwarden generates strong passwords and safely stores them across all your mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. It also allows for easy sharing of logins, like for family streaming accounts.

For those who may need help understanding a password manager

“But I always remember or use my browser to store my passwords.”
A dedicated password manager is focused on keeping passwords secure and accessible. With Bitwarden offering cross-platform support across devices, desktops and browsers, your passwords are always at your fingertips on any device. Bitwarden uses zero-knowledge encryption, meaning no one but yourself can see anything in your vault. You can also save more than passwords, including credit cards, identities, and secure notes, keep it all encrypted inside one application, and share with other family members.

For those who believe they don’t have time

“That sounds like a lot of effort.”
Using a password manager is incredibly convenient! Easily import saved passwords from browsers or other programs and make logging in to websites fast and simple with just a click or keyboard shortcut press. Creating strong and unique passwords takes only seconds using the built-in password generator. Bitwarden can also autofill passwords for mobile apps as well as websites for easy logins on any device.

For those that feel they already have a system

“I keep a spreadsheet on my desktop that I regularly backup and encrypt.”
Bitwarden offers many benefits that your system may not have, like cross-platform availability, security reports about weak or exposed passwords, autofill, and two-step login that provides extra security for your account. It also has a built-in authenticator to make two-step login convenient for other sites. Take a look at the full features list to see what you can achieve with Bitwarden.

For those that need more reassurance

“Can I trust Bitwarden?”
Bitwarden is regularly audited by third parties and maintains an open source codebase for maximum transparency. That’s why global enterprises and millions of end users trust Bitwarden. The end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption model ensures your vault is secure and can never be accessed by anyone but you. Bitwarden uses standard security protocols co-developed by the whole security industry rather than trying to reinvent the wheel on their own. Also it’s easy to export and back up your vault at any time for added peace of mind.

For those that need extra tech assistance

”I’m not the best with computers, do you think I can manage?”
Bitwarden is easy to use with a clean and readable interface. It will also automatically ask to save any passwords that you enter on your own. If you have all your passwords written down, it will be well worth the time to put them all inside your vault so that you never have to try to find the right sticky note, or remember security questions to reset passwords. Bitwarden can also help prevent phishing by malicious look-alike sites since it only fills in the password if the web addresses match.

More helpful resources

Links and articles to keep your family protected with Bitwarden:

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For Admins: Resources for helping your users understand and redeem this benefit are available. Email Template + FAQ lsit and Families for Enterprise Overview for Admins Webcast Replay

Complimentary families plans for enterprise users was part of the Bitwarden December 2021 release. Learn more about additional features, including Login with SSO and customer-managed encryption here.

Interested in trying out Bitwarden? Learn more at and see what plan is right for you.

Editor's Note: With the May 2022 release, self-host installations now support providing complimentary families plans to end users. To activate this function additional configuration to your Bitwarden installation needs to be completed. Instructions are available here.

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