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What trust means to Bitwarden

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  2. What trust means to Bitwarden

Trust defines the ability for Bitwarden to lead in password management and is fundamentally rooted in the belief that words must align with action. It is imperative to the Bitwarden mission of helping everyone stay safe online. Let’s explore what that means!

Trust means a thriving global community that fosters accountability

Community and open source go hand in hand at Bitwarden with approaches to software development, validation, and distribution. Trust is upheld by the community and built on the fact that anyone can see, analyze, test, and validate the quality of the Bitwarden source code at any time. Curious how this plays out? Head over to GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, or our community forum to see it in action - one dynamic community with limitless ideas and innovation that holds Bitwarden to a high bar.

Trust means upholding zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption across every product decision

Zero knowledge encryption means that Bitwarden cannot view a user’s master password, or access their vault items. End-to-end encryption means that all user data and passwords are encrypted when they leave any Bitwarden client device - there is no such thing as unencrypted vault data on Bitwarden systems. Unlike other password managers that can view users’ URLs stored in vaults, Bitwarden makes no compromise. Zero knowledge encryption is a cornerstone to product development.

Trust means an ongoing commitment to security, privacy, and compliance frameworks

In addition to GDPR and SOC 2, Bitwarden invests in annual third party audits, security assessments, and other compliance frameworks such as Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and CCPA. All reports are available on the Bitwarden compliance page.

Trust means the value of third-party validation

Validation from trusted industry sources adds an independent perspective. More are listed in the Bitwarden media spotlight.

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  • New York Times/Wirecutter: The best password managers of 2021

  • Wired: Best free password managers

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If you’re in the market for a new enterprise password manager, allow Bitwarden to earn your trust and satisfaction through a free 7-day business trial.

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