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Bitwarden Upholds High Security Standards with Annual Third-Party Audits

著者:Kyle Spearrin
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  2. Bitwarden Upholds High Security Standards with Annual Third-Party Audits

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As a critical infrastructure and security solution, Bitwarden empowers users with the tools and resources they need to safely manage their data online. To do that successfully, the Bitwarden solution needs to be held to the highest security standards.

Bitwarden upholds these standards through annual third-party security audits, conducted by external security experts like Cure53 and Insight Risk Consulting. These regular audits reinforce Bitwarden security and help customers comply with enterprise security requirements. Bitwarden security audits cover all aspects of the Bitwarden product and service including IPs, servers, web applications, other client applications, and source code. Each audit features a penetration test and in-depth analysis of any identified issues — and actions taken by Bitwarden to address them.

Bitwarden will continue to uphold high cybersecurity standards through regular security audits — in addition to other security measures. Bitwarden partners with leading security researchers through a HackerOne bug bounty program to improve the software. The Bitwarden source code is reviewed and contributed to by a growing community of millions of software enthusiasts. As a security solution that is committed to user privacy, Bitwarden is also SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield compliant.

Explore all Bitwarden security audits and assessments:

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