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The Bitwarden Holiday Giving List

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Bring joy and cybersecurity to all!

The holiday season lets us share joy, among many other things, with the people in our lives. For cybersecurity fans, here’s a list of things you can give your friends and family (or yourself!) to help everyone stay safe online. And like some of the best things in life, many of these suggestions are free!

Password Strength

Share password strength and security best practices

The gift of knowledge is invaluable when it comes to securing your online profile, and it starts with understanding the dos and don’ts of password security. This holiday season, educate your friends and loved ones about password generation best practices, and how to ensure the passwords they use are strong enough to safeguard their online accounts.

Bitwarden offers a free web version of the password generator (also available as a feature in any Bitwarden plan), and a free password strength testing tool that measures how long it would take for a hacker to crack it. Having this information empowers you to choose the strongest possible password to protect your online data, such as your personal bank or email accounts.

Unique Usernames

Teach someone about the importance of unique usernames

Beyond creating strong and unique passwords, another method to protect yourself is unique usernames, which provide another layer of security by making your main identifier unique to each website. This would make it extremely difficult for one set of breached credentials to be used in a credential stuffing attack elsewhere. Learn about the Bitwarden Username Generator in this blog post or help note.

Password Manager

Suggest a secure password manager

Keep yourself and others safer online with a password manager, creating strong and unique passwords for every website visited. The Bitwarden basic free account, with translations in 50 languages, lets you store unlimited passwords across unlimited devices. Get started today at

Be sure to download the extension for your favorite browser and watch this quick browser extension introduction.

PRO TIP: Learn how to make way for your password manager and be sure to disable browsers from capturing passwords. You can now let Bitwarden do that!

Premium Account

Grab a premium account for just $10 per year

Experience the full benefits a password manager can provide including:

  • Advanced two-factor authentication options such as security keys

  • The integrated Bitwarden Authenticator for built-in 2FA

  • Sharing and storing encrypted file attachments

  • Emergency access for a protected digital legacy

  • Advanced security reporting

  • Premium support

For more on advanced two-factor authentication and the integrated Bitwarden Authenticator, check out this Field Guide to Two-Step Login in the help center, or this blog post on the basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden.

Gift a year or more of Premium features

Want to give a year or more of Premium features, or a family plan, to someone? You can send funds via PayPal for them to pay for their Bitwarden account. Read more in this post on Gifting Bitwarden with PayPal.

Family Plan

Grab a family plan so everyone can stay protected

You can keep your family members safe with a Bitwarden family plan. Enable up to 6 family members with the ability to share credentials permanently with each other. Create Collections for common items within the family, such as streaming logins or wifi passwords. You’ll save time and keep everyone safe and connected! Get more info and sign up for a family plan.

Give the gift of security for your teams

Free password security for your employees and their loved ones? Yes, please! If you’ve purchased a Bitwarden Password Manager enterprise plan, don’t forget to initiate the free Families plan – your employees get premium Bitwarden Password Manager features for up to 5 accounts (6 in total) to share with friends and family. This article will help you set it up.

Free Sharing for 2 People

Launch a free 2 person organization for sharing

Did you know that every Bitwarden account, including the basic free account, includes the ability to permanently share credentials with one other person? 

Set yourself up with a partner and put the power of Bitwarden Organizations to use! View a getting started guide or read more on Organizations and why you should use them.

Digital Legacy

Configure emergency access to protect your digital legacy

One never knows what lies ahead. In case of unforeseen events, configure emergency access for your Bitwarden vault. This allows you to assign one or more delegates who can access your vault if they request it, and you do not reject it within a set window.

Passwordless Experience

Give ease and passkeys for everyone

There’s no such thing as being too secure, which is why passkey 2FA is now available across all plans, making Bitwarden the only password manager to offer advanced 2FA features for free. Another welcome addition: the launch of passkey management within Bitwarden, giving users the ability to save, store, and  manage registered passkeys within their Bitwarden Password Manager vaults. Learn how to use passkeys with Bitwarden here

Teach yourself or others biometrics, autofill, and password generation

One of the joys of using a password manager is unlocking your vault with biometrics, autofilling credentials with the browser extension or your mobile app, and using the password generator to create strong and unique passwords for every site you visit.

Read more on the help site about Unlock with biometrics, Autofill, and the Password Generator.

Reap the full benefits of your password manager by living the passwordless life!

Send encrypted files or text

Learn how to securely transmit encrypted text or files

Bitwarden Send lets you securely share sensitive information with anyone. Note that the recipient does not need to have their own Bitwarden account to receive a Send.

Using end-to-end encryption, and a built-in feature to automatically expire information, Bitwarden Send helps users, teams, and companies do business faster, safely. Read more in this post or dig deeper into How Bitwarden Send Works.

Email Alias

Take control of privacy with email alias integration

For those looking to add security and privacy to their online operations, email aliases are the perfect option. Bitwarden offers email alias integration with five providers:

  • SimpleLogin

  • AnonAddy

  • Firefox Relay

  • Fastmail

  • DuckDuckGo

Email alias options with Bitwarden

For more information check out the Forwarded email alias section of this help note.

Migrate devices

Help someone migrate devices

Migrating to a new device can be daunting without a password manager. Use the occasion to help a family member or friend get started with a Bitwarden basic free account to help make the process smooth this time and in the future. Take the time once and it will save you hours and hours in the future when changing devices.

V-tuber soapy @soap_cool · Sept. 15
HOLY schnitzel's on a pogo stick it's working! Factory reset on iOS is a go! Now i just have to re-download all my software and log on all my accounts. Good thing I have a password manager! @Bitwarden thank you for existing, you make my digital life a lot easier!

Empower your workplace

Almost every workplace has a need to protect sensitive information, from shared logins across web applications and services, to company credit cards, and more.

With a secure password manager, your colleagues can safely share this information, becoming more productive with easy onboarding and succession of employees.

Plus with a Bitwarden Enterprise plan, every employee gets a free family plan to enable up to 6 people to collaborate at home.

Get started with a free trial of a Teams or Enterprise plan today for your business.

Secure a Bitwarden t-shirt

Grab something from the Bitwarden online shop. Tout your cybersecurity street cred! Receive $10 flat rate shipping globally. 

Spread joy and cybersecurity around the world

Be sure to share your knowledge and expertise with others to keep everyone safe online. With enough help from everyone, we can all move closer towards a world where no one gets hacked!

Have some simple tips for cybersecurity sharing that we missed? Drop us a line on Twitter at

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