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Making the move - a new way to look at organizational sharing

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  2. Making the move - a new way to look at organizational sharing

The facilitation of secure password sharing is crucial for many people. Families, Teams, and Enterprise Organizations allow users to place an item into a collection, which can be accessed by members of the Organization to which they are assigned.

Secure sharing is a method

Previously, to place an item into a Collection from an Individual Vault, it was shared to a Collection. This vocabulary conveyed the possibility that the item still belonged to the original user.

The new icon indicating you are moving an item to the Organization Vault

Upon placing an item in a collection in Bitwarden, the item is instantly moved to the Organization and assigned into the collection(s) that were specified during the move process. This item is now able to be accessible (as part of the Collection) to users or groups within the Organization. The original user is no longer the owner of this data, and the data is now encrypted with the Organization’s key.

This icon indicates that the item belongs to the Organization and is available to you via a collection

The community consensus

The connotation of share is tied to maintained ownership and the idea that one may be able to reclaim an item that is shared.

Bitwarden sharing requires the item to become part of the Organization data. Based on community and customer feedback, we are changing the Share action to Move - specifically titled Move to Organization. This is designed to help to clearly indicate that the item is being moved from an individual vault to the Organization.

Access control will be the same as it was - this is purely a UI change to help communicate the changes that are taking place within the platform upon moving an item to a Collection.

Sharing securely

This update allows clearer conveyance of how items and ownership are affected, however, it is still important to treat all data that is shared with anyone as if that information has become permanently stored.

Removing a user from Bitwarden, and their access to credentials, does not change the password for an item that they may have formerly had access to and could have potentially retained via another method. Therefore such credentials should be changed whenever access is removed.

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