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Bitwarden Browser Extension Now Available On Microsoft Edge

著者:Kyle Spearrin
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Welcome reader! If you're looking for news on the latest release, visit this Release Notes page. The Edge extension along with other clients can be found at the Bitwarden Download page. Please note that new Bitwarden releases must go through a review process by each individual platform's application store, and new updates may be available sooner on some platforms than others. Thank you for your patience!

Bitwarden has long been available across a variety of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and others. Supporting Microsoft's Edge browser has eluded us due to extension submissions not yet being publicly available and requiring special approval from Microsoft.

With the help our our friends at Microsoft, today we're excited to announce that Bitwarden is officially available in the Microsoft Store for the Edge browser.

The Microsoft Store listing for Bitwarden's Edge extension

If you're an Edge user you can start using Bitwarden today! Install Bitwarden from the Microsoft Store by searching for "Bitwarden". Please consider helping us out with a review on our store page as well!

Some Limitations

It's also worth noting that Edge's support for extensions is still somewhat new and limited. Because of API limitations and bugs in Edge, certain features of Bitwarden have been disabled and/or do not function the same (or as well) as other browsers. Performance of the extension can also suffer in a few areas as well. We hope that the Edge team will continue to make progress with extensions and Bitwarden's integration will improve over time. We appreciate your patience.

Product Updates
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