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Michael Crandell, CEO

Michael Crandell is the chief executive officer at Bitwarden driving overall company strategy and growth. Before Bitwarden, Michael was the CEO and co-founder of RightScale where he led the vision and direction for the company as a cloud management platform during the first decade of cloud computing. He grew the company to 250 employees and a successful exit to Flexera in 2018. Prior to RightScale, Michael served as chief executive officer at several Internet software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and as vice president of software and executive vice president at eFax.com, where he was part of the executive team that took the company public. Michael received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and completed graduate studies at Harvard University. He began his career as a software engineer, self-taught, coding in assembly language.


Areas of Expertise

Open source security software

Phishing scams

Password and secrets management

Developer secrets

Passwordless technology

Making security a priority at work

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The book of Bitwarden: How the best free password manager is fending off tech giants

“We realized from the start that thinking of business or consumer was a false dichotomy,” Crandell says. “It makes no sense to protect yourself at home, but not at work, or vice versa, and business users expect ease-of-use and all of that. So really we realized it’s a virtuous circle between the business and consumer user.”

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The password identity crisis: Evolving authentication methods in 2024 and beyond

At the same time, challenges such as integration with legacy systems and user education must be addressed, cautioned Michael Crandell, CEO of password management platform Bitwarden. “A balanced approach prioritizing both security and user experience will be key in advancing these security measures,” he said.

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Why you should always change your logins after a data breach

Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell commented on the fact that the survey displayed a desire from businesses for technologies that “reflect passwordless workflows”, saying that this “shouldn’t come as a surprise”. “While strong and unique passwords are highly effective at safeguarding data, weak or re-used passwords that are not managed by an end-to-end encrypted password manager present serious vulnerabilities,” he added.

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