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Cybersecurity advice you can trust, delivered by experts with perspectives built on decades of experience in the field. Bitwarden provides an open source, global, leading password manager, secrets manager, and, which enables developers to build FIDO2 Webauthn applications with ease, speed, and security.

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Mike Stolyar, Director of Communications, Bitwarden

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Michael Crandell, CEO

Michael Crandell is the chief executive officer at Bitwarden driving overall company strategy and growth. Before Bitwarden, Michael was the CEO and co-founder of RightScale.

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Gary Orenstein, CCO

Gary Orenstein is the chief customer officer at Bitwarden leading the go to market efforts across customer success, marketing, and sales.

Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop, Principal Architect

Matt Bishop is the principal architect at Bitwarden investing in technology initiatives for core company operations, security, deployment, and infrastructure.

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Anders Aberg, Director of Passwordless

Anders Åberg is the Director of Passwordless at Bitwarden, where he leads the company's work on passkeys and passwordless authentication.

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