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July 2023 Spotlight: Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid

Bitwarden leaps further ahead of the competition, establishing a significant lead in the Summer 2023 edition

Bitwarden SSO
Bitwarden SSO

SSO with trusted devices, a new passwordless SSO offering debuting later this Fall, gives enterprises complete flexibility in where and how encryption keys are kept, all while maintaining secure, end-to-end, zero knowledge encryption. Read this guide for an overview of each Single Sign-On solution.

Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid hero
Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid hero

Bitwarden has been recognized as the highest-performing password manager  in the latest G2 Enterprise Grid report. Consistently recognized as an Enterprise Grid Leader in the past five reports, Bitwarden has furthered its position ahead of competitors, establishing a significant lead in the Summer 2023 report. Read this blog to learn why enterprises love Bitwarden.

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Security’s Got Talent

Security's Got Talent
Security's Got Talent

Do you love your password manager? Share your story in a short video by August 13th for the chance to win big in this contest with $25,000 in available prizes and $7,000 going to first place! Visit to check out the contest rules and submit your entry.

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SOS Software Service and Bitwarden align on pan-European distribution strategy

Bitwarden and SOS Software Service will work together to bring Bitwarden Password Manager to European customers as part of a strategic distribution plan. Learn more about this alignment and how it expands the availability of Bitwarden to European customers, providing new opportunities for SOS resellers and partners.

How enterprise password vaults strengthen security for organizations

Discover the concept of an enterprise password vault and its role in boosting security through the prevention of unauthorized access, the promotion of strong password practices, and the facilitation of secure file and information sharing among employees. Explore the details in this article.

How to share files and sensitive information securely

When emails are sent via plain text, it means the email and any associated attachments aren't encrypted, so anyone capable of intercepting those emails can read the content within without having to jump through any hoops. Learn how to secure your emails by encrypting them with Bitwarden Send with these tips.

What are passkeys?

With passkeys, you’ll never create a weak password again, because you’ll never need to create a password again. Passkeys allow you to quickly create and sign into accounts – with no password needed. This single-step, secure login method replaces traditional authentication as well as the 2FA process. 

Why every startup needs a password manager

Most startups begin with a small collection of people doing their best to get something off the ground. That means thinking big, but it’s important to not skip over something as critical to the safety of your business as your passwords. Thus, a password manager is often a tool that is added along the way as startups grow. This blog discusses how to enable your team to be productive in secure collaboration.

How to determine your password health

According to the Bitwarden 2023 World Password Day Survey, a majority (68%) of respondents manage passwords for 10+ sites or apps and yet 84% of respondents also reuse passwords. Close to a quarter (20%) were also affected by data breaches within the past 18 months. Based on these discoveries, determine whether your passwords have been compromised and familiarize yourself with password generation best practices in this guide.

How strong is my password?

If you’re using services or subscriptions that require a password - and that would be most people, at this point - you’ve probably noticed that most sites have password requirements. In this article, learn how to use the Bitwarden Password Strength Testing Tool.

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Community Spotlight

We love hearing stories like the one shared by this Reddit user (u/mrmcsquishy) in their post titled "Today BW Saved My Life!". Not only is this a great story, but it also offers a valuable closing tip on using emergency access. We encourage our Bitwarden community to share their own experiences and tips in Security's Got Talent or within the Bitwarden community. Tell us how Bitwarden has influenced you, and let's continue supporting each other in our journey to safer and more secure digital lives!

Bitwarden 101

Check out Bitwarden 101 for a short video series on how to get started with Bitwarden Password Manager as an administrator or end user.

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