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Why every startup needs a password manager

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What is a stack? If you're thinking about food, pancakes might come to mind. If you're thinking of technology, it's stacking together the right tools to create a productive, reliable, and secure workflow.

The more you consider these types of software stacks before launch, the better prepared you'll be for just about anything that comes your way. Among the tools you consider while building the foundations of a company, a password manager should be at or near the top of the list.

Enable your team to be productive

Every startup has to consider the question of “what tools should comprise our stack?" When this question first presents itself, much of the consideration starts and stops with the bedrock of the startup. We're talking about what type of database, operating systems, server software, containers, security, networking - the list goes on and on. Eventually, however, you're going to arrive at user-facing software. This is when decisions can really make or break employee productivity and the tools you choose at this stage can help ensure you've empowered your staff to work effectively.

What about working securely, reliably, and collaboratively? Those are three very important considerations you should keep in mind, decisions that could lead you to choose a cloud-based office suite for a productivity tool, an operating system you can depend on, and a tool to help your staff members safely share login credentials for accounts that are required to get things done.

Set your team up for secure collaboration

A password manager is often a tool that is added along the way as startups grow. After all, most startups begin with a small collection of people doing their best to get something off the ground. That means thinking big, but it’s important to not skip over something as critical to the safety of your business as your passwords. 

Think about it this way: at some point, your business is going to need to employ a password manager. And it's not just for those in charge who keep the keys to all the castles close to their vests. This is about all of those service and application credentials your business will eventually depend on, and the teams that use them. Those credentials will have to be stored and shared securely for your business to operate efficiently. 

As your team grows, so will the credentials they manage and the complexity of access management. A password manager gives you the flexibility to seamlessly scale while ensuring all of your accounts remain secure. Or perhaps your startup is so successful that you one day want to sell the company. Having a password manager in place from the beginning will make any transition your company experiences that much smoother.

Create a security culture

Instead of having to deal with the much larger headache down the road, adopt a password manager during the planning stages of your startup. Beyond making your team more efficient and reliable, you'll also find early adoption means your staff not only becomes acclimated to the software, but it also means it becomes part of the culture of your startup. That's a benefit every new business should consider as a must. You want to keep your data safe and ensure users are working with strong passwords while enabling them to work faster, safely. Plus you’ll skip the learning curve down the line by establishing strong security practices and habits on our founding team from the start.

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