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Résultats de l'enquête sur les décisions relatives aux mots de passe pour 2023

Les décideurs informatiques font la lumière sur la gestion des mots de passe en entreprise.

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What will you learn in the 2023 Password Decisions Survey?

Bitwarden polled independent IT decision-makers across a range of industries who play a key role in enterprise purchasing decisions. This year’s findings show that passwordless technology is making its foray into business workflows, IT decision makers continue to look to the C-Suite to drive adoption of password management technologies, and that security concerns are influencing business decisions.

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Passwordless technology is here

A majority (49%) of respondents are deploying or have plans to deploy passwordless technology. 

  • Of that percentage, two-thirds (66%) have 1-2 user groups or multiple teams going passwordless

  • Around half (51%) are relying on the ‘something you are’ (biometrics, facial recognition, fingerprint, voice) form of passwordless authentication

  • Overall, 41% say ‘better security’ is the primary reason to deploy passwordless technology

Slide 27, 2023 Password Decisions Survey
Slide 27, 2023 Password Decisions Survey

“Our survey shows businesses are looking beyond passwords and desire new technologies that reflect passwordless workflows, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. While strong and unique passwords are highly effective at safeguarding data, weak or re-used passwords that are not managed by an end-to-end encrypted password manager present serious vulnerabilities. The Bitwarden approach takes into account this evolution but also reflects that adoption timelines vary by company, technology, and end-user preference and that security remains the paramount goal for individuals and enterprises alike.”

Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell

Employees are seeking direction from the C-Suite

  • A large majority (79%) of IT decision makers want their employer to require employees to use the same password manager across the organization

  • When asked what makes a good password manager, 60% cite security, 56% cite the availability of two-factor authentication (2FA), and 40% cite ease-of-use

Slide 7, 2023 Password Decisions Survey
Slide 7, 2023 Password Decisions Survey

Most IT decision makers want their employer to require all employees to use the same password manager throughout the organization.

Note to employers: if offered a complementary family account, 71% said they’d also be very likely to use a password manager at home.

Rise in cyberattacks and ransomware influences security spending and strategies

  • A majority (60%) report their organization experienced a cyberattack within the past year and 49% report struggling with employees who use unauthorized devices or software without IT’s approval.

  • Most (80%, up from 75% last year) report having a ransomware mitigation strategy

  • Three-fourths report their organization has cyber insurance

Slide 18, 2023 Password Decisions Survey
Slide 18, 2023 Password Decisions Survey

Did you know?

65% of respondents reported they were required to demonstrate they offered cyber awareness training to employees when they applied for cyber insurance and 61% had to demonstrate use of a password manager.

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