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Changing your default language for Bitwarden

Bitwarden browser extensions and mobile apps will dynamically change to use the language set by your web browser, but in the the web app and desktop app, Bitwarden will default to American English. You can manually change the language from English to more than two dozen languages!

How to change your default language in the web vault

  1. Click your profile icon and choose Account Settings

    Figure A: The Bitwarden account drop-down menu is where you access your account settings.
  2. On the left side, select Preferences, then select a language from the Language dropdown.

Web Vault: Preferences - Language

How to change your default language in the desktop app

  1. Go to File > Settings

    Desktop App (PC): File > Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the popup

  3. Select your new default language from the Language dropdown and Close the popup

    Desktop App (PC): Language Dropdown
  4. Go to File and Quit Bitwarden

    Desktop App (PC): File - Close Bitwarden
  5. When you reopen Bitwarden, your new default language will be applied

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Crowdin localization

  • To contribute to or make corrections to an existing translation, join our project.

  • To start translating Bitwarden to a new language, join our project and contact the project owner.

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