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How to foster user adoption for your new company password manager

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If your IT department is considering implementing a new password management software for your company, you may be wondering how to get your end-users on board. Gaining employee buy-in is essential for a new solution to be successful. According to the 2022 Enterprise Password Management Survey, “over half (57%) of IT decision makers identified user behavior as the number one barrier to implementing better password management practices.” In this blog post, we'll explore some strategies to drive user adoption of a new company password management software, so that everyone in an organization can enjoy the benefits of improved security and ease of use.

How to drive end-user adoption

When implementing a new software solution, it’s important to understand that user resistance is natural and expected. Before an IT manager or business implements a company password manager, there are steps they can take to help mitigate that resistance and ensure users are on board with the new system. Here are some tips for driving end-user buy-in and helping manage change.

Appoint an implementation champion

By appointing an implementation champion, you can ensure someone is always available to answer any questions or provide guidance on using the software. This will be the go-to person for users to submit feedback and suggestions. It is also recommended that the IT team ensures users are comfortable with the new system before fully transitioning to it by addressing their concerns head-on and providing actionable solutions. With an implementation champion, employees know their concerns and ideas are being heard.

Communicate the implementation plan

Overcome the fear of the unknown and put end-users at ease by communicating the implementation plan far in advance. Let them know exactly when change is coming and how much change they can expect. Communicate specific action items they will need to complete and the due date. This will help relieve some solution change-over anxiety for your employees.

Communicate the benefits

When it comes to convincing end-users to put effort into learning a new password management software, it is essential the benefits are made clear. Make sure the end-users understand the value of a company-wide password manager and the benefits it will bring to their work, such as improved security, simplified access and improved collaboration.

For instance, if your end-users are struggling to remember multiple passwords, let them know that the new system allows them to create secure, easy-to-remember passwords for all of their accounts. Or if they have difficulty locating important credentials, highlight how the new system stores all of their passwords and credentials in one central location for easy access.

Providing concrete examples of how the new password management software will make their lives easier is key when it comes to gaining buy-in from your users. Once they understand the advantages of the solution, they will be more likely to put in the work to learn and implement it.

Foster continued education

Offering training and support to help employees get acquainted with the software will go a long way in gaining their trust. Provide step-by-step tutorials or demos to help them get familiar with the new solution and understand how it works. Education shouldn’t stop at onboarding either! For long-term adoption, consider a regular cadence of training for users to brush up on their software knowledge and continue exploring its functionality. Continued training also helps prevent a gap in knowledge between users as employees naturally churn over time.

Use Bitwarden for your password management solution

By taking the time to properly educate users on the value of the software, demonstrate how easy it is to use, and communicate the plan for implementation, you can help drive user adoption of your company password management software.

Bitwarden is an open source password management platform, trusted by millions of users and thousands of businesses worldwide to secure their passwords and other sensitive information. Try Bitwarden yourself with a 7-day business trial or check out plan options on the Bitwarden pricing page.

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