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Enabling enterprises to build modern passkey authentication for their workforce

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Move aside, passwords. Enterprises are ready for passkeys. 

In a recent Bitwarden survey, over 80% of developers surveyed say they are in the process of implementing passkeys for workforce authentication, driven to provide employees a more streamlined and secure way of signing into their business applications. 

Fueled by the demand for modern passwordless experiences, Bitwarden has seen rapid user adoption – the developer toolkit, built on FIDO2 WebAuthn standards, provides an extensive, easy-to-deploy API for integrating passkeys into customer-facing websites and custom enterprise applications. According to an Oracle report, the average company has 464 internal applications used by different departmental and enterprise-wide workflows. 

Delivering on the promise to save hours of passkey development engineering – either as a primary or secondary form of authentication –  Bitwarden further strengthened the Bitwarden enterprise plan with event log and self-hosting features. 

Event logs for visibility 

Most enterprises maintain a consistent practice of monitoring event logs to gain insights into system performance, watch for security vulnerabilities, and keep track of critical events. The new Bitwarden event log feature allows enterprises to achieve business compliance and greater control and oversight when moving to passwordless authentication. Administrators now have visibility into data points such as passkey authentication activities and details around Bitwarden API calls.

Self-host for control 

With this new release, developers can select to self host the Bitwarden API and admin console on Docker Linux containers, ensuring that passkey authentication flows are only accessible within a VPN for greater security and control. The self host feature is currently in beta. 

Pricing and availability 

Bitwarden simplies workforce authentication, enabling enterprises to build passkey authentication without having to replace or change existing authentication workflows and infrastructures. The Enterprise plan, which includes the full SDK for passkeys, unlimited applications, and unlimited console administrators, costs $3 per month / per user, based on a monthly subscription. 

Don’t be left behind

Enterprises are ready for passkeys. Are you? Use Bitwarden to build passkey authentication in minutes. Try it out with a Free plan for the entire software developer toolkit, supporting one app per organization.

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