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What the Chase Cybersecurity Team Recommends for Secure Business

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Chase for Business recently shared insights from their Head of Cybersecurity & Technology Controls on how businesses can stay secure online. The tips range from planning audit assessments to employee education and empowering people with the right tools. Perhaps most telling was this takeaway:

“Dollar for dollar, training has the most positive effect on reducing the risk of cybercrime.”
Head of Cybersecurity & Technology Controls, J.P. Morgan Chase

The 7 tips include:

  1. Plan for worst-case scenarios

  2. Assess your vulnerabilities

  3. Pay attention to email

  4. Train your employees to detect threats

  5. Require strong procedures for payments

  6. Lock down your passwords

  7. Not sure what to do? Breathe

All of these items can help a business focus on being more secure. Of course, we are particularly fans of number 6 on passwords, where the Chase team recommends keeping passwords in a secure place.

Rather than pasting your passwords into a spreadsheet, consider using a password manager with strong encryption. These high-tech tools can keep hundreds of passwords safe and are easy to use.

Here are a couple of our own tips to add to what the Chase team suggests.

Develop a culture with cybersecurity as an ongoing topic

Like it or not, cyber attacks are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Having a company culture that invites discussion of emergency plans and third-party audits, as well as conducting open cybersecurity dialogue, develops awareness and builds responsiveness. These efforts can come from employee-sponsored initiatives coupled with attention from the leadership team.

Foster continued training

It can be hard for any one person or team to stay on top of all potential threats. Further the entire company’s knowledge by offering, and sometimes requiring, different types of security training. This may extend from general awareness on email handling or how to avoid phishing attacks to educating employees about the best ways to share secure information online.

Many companies now run phishing tests themselves. When handled in the context of helping everyone learn how to be safer, they can be very effective. Understandably, if these tests are handled with misaligned intentions they can backfire.

Empower the team

Admittedly, we’re fans of empowering teams with password managers. But we also hear from company employees who are grateful that they have been provided tools to help them be safer online. Far too many people will default to less safe practices if an accessible secure alternative does not exist. Jumping into security best practices together, with secure tools for collaboration, provides the camaraderie to keep everyone invested.

Make your business safer today

If you are not already using a password manager at work, it is easy to get started. Sign up for a free business trial at

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