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Use Bitwarden to Generate Email Aliases with Fastmail

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As of the September release, the Bitwarden username generator now supports creating email aliases (masked emails) with Fastmail, a privacy-focused email provider with a mission to expand online privacy and protect user data.

“Bitwarden is committed to empowering people to access, store and share sensitive data easily and securely,” said Kyle Spearrin, Bitwarden CTO. “Integrating Fastmail for Masked Email addresses into the Bitwarden username generator gives our customers another layer of privacy and anonymity for their online accounts.”

“Bitwarden is a fantastic password management platform, and their open-source model integrates seamlessly with our systems,” said Fastmail COO, Helen Horstmann-Allen. “Partnerships between platforms like Fastmail and Bitwarden will only become more common as the world’s technology continues to become more integrated. Our expanded platform toolset creates exciting opportunities for developers and partners to give their customers access to Fastmail’s privacy-first tools right in their product.”

Bitwarden and Fastmail integration  - The Bitwarden Generator now includes Fastmail email alias

This new integration will allow users to:

  • Generate forwarded email aliases through the Bitwarden username generator

  • Create variations of their email address when interacting with different people, sites, or mailing lists

  • Build visibility into how services and vendors are using their data

  • Exert greater control over how incoming email is filtered and blocked 

Getting started is easy. Head over to Fastmail, create an account, and generate an API token through Settings -> Password & Security

Generate an API token in Fastmail

Once the API token is added to Bitwarden, a new masked email is created.

Masked emails generated through Bitwarden for Fastmail

You can learn more about the Bitwarden username generator email alias integration in this blog or on the help center.

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