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Get Your Business Up and Running with Bitwarden in Four Simple Steps

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As businesses aim to protect and secure workplace systems, new cybersecurity challenges and employee needs continue to evolve. Bitwarden provides an easy and safe solution to manage and share sensitive login data. Bitwarden client applications run on all devices and platforms across a desktop app, a web app, browser extensions, a command line interface, and mobile apps so your employees have access to secure login data whenever and wherever they need it.

If you’re ready to get up and running with Bitwarden, these four steps will set you and your business up for successful password management.

Step 1: Set up your Organization

An organization allows users to safely secure common information within a business. Information such as passwords, credentials, credit cards, and secure notes can be managed and shared among teams, groups or individuals.

Collections gather login information for secure sharing within different teams or job functions. They are equivalent to folders for organization-owned items. For example, your marketing department could have a collection with passwords for the tools they use on a regular basis, while the accounting department has their own collection of logins for their tools. Collections can then be shared with people or entire groups, quickly giving them access to all the logins they will need.

Policies allow administrators to set a secure foundation as another layer of protection. For example, an administrator can set a Vault Timeout policy that will safely log users out after a certain amount of user inactivity. Additional policies such as Master Reset and Two-Step Login enhance password protection while increasing employee ease of use.

Step 2: Add Users to Start Sharing

Administrators can invite users to an organization or to specific collections. With the Teams and Enterprise plans, admins - through user management and custom roles - can manage every employee and group so everyone has access only to the apps they need. Bitwarden recently released: enhanced enterprise policies for even more customization to vault behavior and user management.

Step 3: Import Data to Your Vault

Users may have passwords stored on browsers, personal documents, and other password management systems. Bitwarden makes it easy to move existing data and passwords through a data import tool for easy migration from any password management solution to a personal Vault or Organization Vault. You can also use the data import tool to import from one Bitwarden Vault to another.

Step 4: Transmit Secure Information via Bitwarden Send

Most businesses require the ability to quickly share sensitive data. Bitwarden Send allows users to transmit sensitive information such as plain text, PDFs, or other attachments to anyone, regardless if they have a Bitwarden account. Bitwarden Send keeps contents end-to-end encrypted through any preferred communication channel to ensure safe sharing without exposing information. Bitwarden Send assigns a secure link, and can configure a specific life span before the data expires. For more security, users can choose to hide personal information or add a password. Bitwarden Send makes data and login sharing simple, easy, and secure.

Take advantage of the Bitwarden Resource Center for assistance with initial setup and support with continuous feature usage. Join us for the weekly live demo where you can ask questions or visit the Bitwarden community to connect with other Bitwarden users. For even more support, visit the Help Center for additional resources.

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