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Bitwarden Mobile App v2.0 Now Available

著者:Kyle Spearrin
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We're excited to announce v2.0 of the Bitwarden mobile app. This release is a complete re-write of a Bitwarden mobile app from the ground up. This particular release is for Android only, however, iOS will soon follow (UPDATE July 12: v2.1 of the iOS app is now available). The goal of this re-write was to bring the mobile app in-line with all of the other Bitwarden client applications in terms of quality and feature parity. This will also allow us to iterate new versions more quickly and in line with other Bitwarden applications as we continue to add new features.

New Features

  • Passphrase generator

  • Password/passphrase generator history

  • Password change history

  • Password exposed (HIBP) check on individual login items

  • Share existing items with an organization

  • Assign a new item to an organization and collections at the time of its creation

  • Collection assignment management

  • Theme options: Light (default), Dark, Black, and Nord

  • Automatically clear clipboard after X seconds

  • URI (app and website) blacklisting options for autofill service

  • Disable autofill save prompt option

  • PIN + Fingerprint unlocking can be used together at the same time

  • Custom field reordering

  • More lock option values

  • Default URI match detection options

  • View fingerprint phrase

  • Item types filter from My Vault listing

  • Toggle password visibility on login/registration/unlocking

  • Password generator quick access tile

Other Changes

  • UI refresh

  • Incognito keyboard throughout

  • Significant performance improvements

  • Smaller app size

  • Resolve a number of longstanding bugs


In addition to the Google Play Store, Bitwarden is now available on F-Droid through our private F-Droid repository.

→ Get Bitwarden on F-Droid


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