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Choosing Your Secure Future

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Behind the scenes of our newest digital awareness effort

C’mon, we’ve all been there, struggling to remember our online passwords for the vast multitude of business and personal accounts. Staring, guessing, taunted by security questions, I think we are all over it. Of course solutions exist for business and for personal use, but then you have to choose. Decisions matter when committing to a password management solution for your business. You do the research, read the reviews and check with business allies and friends. There really is only one answer: Bitwarden. The only open source password management system built tough enough for business and easy enough on you.

The need is real

Even those familiar with the risks sometimes fall victim to sharing passwords through unencrypted and insecure methods. In a recent 2021 Passwords Decision Survey of IT decision-makers, nearly 40% said they sometimes use email to share passwords. For more detail on what is driving the need for organizations to adopt password management, download the full survey.

Introducing The Answer Is Bitwarden

In a world that appears increasingly unpredictable, taking control of your security is easy, The answer is Bitwarden. Today marks the release of this digital push.

For internet users, the number of accounts with usernames and passwords we manage far exceeds our ability to manually maintain long and unique logins for each site. That is where password managers come in.

  • Bitwarden helps when you need to quickly generate a new Facebook password, or you want to share your password for a streaming subscription with family.

  • Bitwarden helps when you want to find a secure way to share credentials among your team, or foster easier ways to onboard new colleagues and make them productive quickly.

  • Bitwarden helps ensure that your company has the right employee tools to protect individual and organizational credentials and the administrative tools to manage that infrastructure at scale.

The lighter side of password management

One of our first pieces is a fun play on the experience of a forgotten password.

The approach also includes highlighting the benefits of secure sharing of credentials.

And, of course, we wanted to share the global nature and the reach of our application, which has been translated into nearly 40 languages.

Getting the word out

You might see The answer Is Bitwarden on your favorite social site, and we hope it encourages our users and security enthusiasts to get the word out. If you are not using a password manager, now is the time!

If you’d like to get started with a free trial on a Teams of Enterprise plan, or sign up for the free individual Basic Account, visit Bitwarden Plans and Pricing

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