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Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid

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  2. Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid

Bitwarden achieved outstanding results in the Fall 2023 G2 Enterprise Grid report, solidifying its position as the #1 password manager for enterprise for the second consecutive quarter.

Enterprise Grid® for Password Manager Software

Why enterprises love Bitwarden 

Enterprises are drawn to Bitwarden for its seamless combination of highly secure, enterprise-grade features and its easy to use, straightforward interface. Bitwarden offers exceptional value for businesses, delivering robust capabilities such as SCIM support, widely compatible SSO integrations, direct encrypted data sharing, and more.

Moreover, Bitwarden stands out as the best open-source password manager, supported by a vibrant global community of dedicated users. This community fosters innovation and ensures that Bitwarden remains at the forefront of password management solutions.

Satisfaction Ratings and Net Promoter Score

G2 reviewers employ Satisfaction Ratings to assess how well SaaS tools meet their requirements. Among these ratings is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which measures how likely users are to recommend the product. Bitwarden had an NPS of 85, which was among the highest. 

Bitwarden also scored at the top of other satisfaction measures including:

  • Product Going in Right Direction - 98%

  • Meets Requirements - 94%

  • Quality of Support - 94%

  • Ease of Use - 95%

Feature Comparison

The G2 Enterprise Grid Report also evaluates password managers based on three feature categories: Usability & Access, Security Measures, and Storage. Bitwarden outperformed all other password managers in both Usability & Access and Security Measures.

Usability and Access

In the Usability & Access category, Bitwarden garnered an average score of 95% across the evaluated features. The Bitwarden password manager individual feature scores were as follows:

  • Quick Login - 94%

  • Browser Extension - 97%

  • Mobile App Usability - 93% 

  • Multi-Device Use - 96%

  • Admin Management - 93%

“Bitwarden is super easy to use and can store and manage passwords securely.” Marc H, Senior Software Development Engineer

Security Measures

Regarding Security Measures, Bitwarden received an average score of 96% across the evaluated criteria. The individual feature scores were as follows:

  • Password Generator - 97%

  • Two-Factor Authentication - 96% 

  • Security Audits - 94%

“It's our trusted password manager for our important and sensitive data.” Cynthia C, IT Manager

Other top Enterprise feature rankings

Bitwarden also secured top rankings in various other enterprise-related categories:

  • Rated #1 for Ease of Use

  • Rated #1 for Password Generator

  • Rated #1 for User Satisfaction

  • Rated #1 for File Storage

  • Rated #1 for Browser Extension

  • Rated #1 for Digital Wallet

The proven password manager for enterprise

Since 2022, Bitwarden has been recognized as one of the highest-performing password management solutions in the G2 Enterprise Grid Report. The password manager also consistently excels across other G2 categories, including:

  • Momentum Grid® Report for Password Manager

  • Mid-Market Grid® Report for Password Manager

  • Small-Business Grid® Report for Password Manager

  • Grid® Report for Password Manager

  • Enterprise Americas Regional Grid® Report for Password Manager

  • Asia Regional Grid® Report for Password Manager

Community-first password management

The Bitwarden community plays an integral role in driving continuous improvement and growth. Many thanks to Bitwarden users for their contributions. Their valuable feedback and endorsements on platforms like G2 reaffirm the Bitwarden commitment to delivering superior password management solutions to businesses and individuals, across the world.

More on G2

G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace globally, ranks software products based on user reviews from its extensive community. These reviews are further enhanced by aggregated data from social networks and other online sources, ensuring the accuracy and richness of user testimonies.

In April 2023, G2 announced significant algorithm updates aimed at improving the accuracy of G2 Scores and Grid Reports. The Summer 2023 reports were the first to incorporate these updates, further enhancing the credibility and relevance of the rankings.

Get started with Bitwarden

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