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Evolving trends in secrets management

Key point

A rapid evolution in secrets management is underway as businesses look to speed and secure DevOps pipelines, mitigate the increased number of applications and ecosystems used by developers, and prevent secret-related data breaches.

Why it matters

With increased pressure to deploy code quickly across many applications and ecosystems, developers are resorting to risky secrets management behavior including hard-coding secrets and sharing unencrypted secrets via messaging applications or spreadsheets.

Secrets sprawl, hard coding secrets, and sharing secrets in insecure ways leave management with very little control over secret access, making the business more vulnerable to leaked secrets and data breaches. The outcome of data breaches is also becoming more and more expensive for businesses to clean up.

Dig deeper

  • According to Forbes, cybercrime damage costs are increasing by 15% every year.

  • In the 2024 developer survey report, 44% of businesses reported implementing a secrets manager to prevent secrets sprawl across the organization and 35% reported implementing to prevent data breaches.

  • Not all secrets management solutions on the market meet enterprise needs with many being expensive, difficult to scale, platform-dependent, challenging to implement, and overwhelming with unnecessary features.

  • Bitwarden Secrets Manager is an easy-to-use secrets management solution that aligns with business needs and offers unlimited secret storage, end-to-end encryption, predictable user-based pricing, and open source security.

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