Survey Findings: Balancing Security and Innovation in the Age of AI

Bitwarden partnered with The Starr Conspiracy to poll 710 IT professionals across a wide range of industries to understand perceptions about security as AI use by individuals and organizations soars. The findings show a significant gap between how secure IT professionals feel and their actual security posture.

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About this survey...

Overconfidence in security posture

In general, respondents are very confident about their data security practices. 78% of respondents believe that their organization is secure against data breaches. 76% are confident about their data security knowledge, 77% claim their organizations prioritize data security training, and 83% that their leaders take data security seriously. However, the actual measures their organizations take, and the practices of respondents, suggest a gap between the confidence level and their practice.

Two-thirds of respondents believe that generative AI will make data security more challenging.

However, respondent practice does not seem to reflect this sentiment. Over a quarter (27%) of respondents have entered customer information, and 25% have entered privileged credentials. 38% of leaders have entered developer secrets into a generative AI.

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