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In the past bitwarden has been somewhat limited by only allowing you to store standard username/password credential combinations for your logins. You've always been able to use the generic notes fields to store additional information, however, that too poses some limitations.

Today we're happy to announce the release of the custom fields feature.

Custom fields for a login entry in the Bitwarden web vault

Custom fields allow you to store additional, well structured data fields within your vault entries. These fields could be security questions, PINs, or anything else. Custom fields have a name, a value, and a type (text, hidden, and boolean). As with most things in Bitwarden, custom fields is a completely free feature and you can start using it today!

Auto-fill your custom fields

Custom field names are an important identifier. Depending on the name you give your custom field, Bitwarden will attempt to auto-fill the custom field's value for you. If you intend to auto-fill custom fields you should name your field based on an identifier from the webpage form. These names are searched for using the following criteria:

  • HTML form element's "id" attribute

  • then the HTML form element's "name" attribute

  • then the HTML form element's corresponding label value

  • then the HTML form element's placeholder value

If one of these matches is found, bitwarden will auto-fill the custom field's value for you.

Get started

All Bitwarden client applications have the ability to view, edit and use custom fields. You may find it easiest to configure your custom fields from the web vault or browser extension, however (yay mouse and keyboard!). Due to UI limitations on mobile devices, currently you can only edit the value of existing custom fields on a vault entry. We hope to improve this experience on mobile in a later update.

We hope you enjoy using the new custom fields feature! If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know. Up next, secure notes for credit cards, identities, and more!

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