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Why open source delivers transparency and security for enterprises

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Reliable cybersecurity solutions keep your data protected and your business running smoothly. When securing sensitive enterprise information, understanding the details of your infrastructure tools matter, and there is no better way to understand that than looking directly at the code — a core principle of open source software. This article explains how open source software generates transparency and strong security for your business.

Aspects of open source that deliver transparency and security

Code transparency

Open source solutions deliver complete transparency for source code and its operations.This code transparency promotes visibility, and visibility maximizes the number of individuals examining the code. With more eyes on the code, any vulnerabilities can be identified quickly, leading to fast updates and strong security practices. 

Code transparency also serves as insurance. In the early days of software, many companies relied on a software escrow, an agent who holds the source code in the event something happened to the vendor. With open source software, users can access the code at any time without need of an escrow. For example, the Bitwarden codebase is documented in full and publicly viewable on GitHub.

External audits 

With source code readily available, open source solutions can more easily complete external auditing. Programs like HackerOne — a platform that connects businesses with professional security researchers  —  helps software companies identify potential security vulnerabilities. The inherent transparency of open source solutions also makes it easier to work with external auditors towards certifications and compliance. Security auditors, like those at Cure53, regularly work with open source solutions to achieve these certifications and compliance standards, Bitwarden included.

Community contributions 

Because users can inspect the code whenever they please, software enthusiasts sometimes gravitate towards open source solutions, creating a community of engaged users. These community members often demonstrate their passion for a solution by answering questions from other users, creating their own user guides — check out this guide from one Bitwarden community member — or making contributions to the software code base. 

These contributions complement a primary development team to help build even more security within a software solution. When an IT manager or end-user sees an area for improvement, they can submit a solution and software pull request. After an in-depth review and approval process, the suggestion might be included in the main codebase so that everyone benefits from improvements. 

Bitwarden: your open source security solution

Bitwarden is an open source password management solution that makes it easy to safely and securely store and share sensitive information among individuals, teams, and enterprises. With complete code transparency, regular security assessments, and a comprehensive review process for code contributions, Bitwarden offers open source benefits and keeps your data safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

Ready to test it out yourself? Sign up for a free Bitwarden enterprise trial and join the millions of individuals, teams, and enterprises worldwide who trust Bitwarden to secure their passwords.

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