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What is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and how does it help order pizza?

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What is a Uniform Resource Identifier?

Uniform Resource Identifiers or URIs are similar to URLs but cover a broader range of types. For example, a URL generally refers to a web address such as A URI is a superset of this and other URIs could include things like an IP address or a local server address on a private network.

What do URIs have to do with food?

As online food ordering becomes more popular, so does the proliferation of apps and services. If your favorite restaurant directs to a specific app or service, you are likely to sign up. If you're a food lover, your list of food ordering accounts can become overwhelming quickly!

Not to worry! A password manager can easily keep track of all of your accounts and online ordering options across all of your favorite restaurants. And it can easily autofill your credentials across the board with the help of Uniform Resource Identifiers.

When restaurants incorporate online ordering apps and services, they often embed the ordering service but still keep their own website address. So if a restaurant like uses a service like ChowNow, you might end up on the Firepie website but need to use your ChowNow credentials. If you have a password manager that works with URIs handy, you do not need to worry. Bitwarden can help with just that.

Applying URIs credentials to enable autofill

Using the following sequence with the restaurant Firepie and the ordering service ChowNow, we’ll walk you through the process to set up easy autofilling and getting your food in no time!

Step 1 - Visiting your favorite restaurant

Our visit to for pizza

Step 2 - Getting ready to order

Firepie uses ChowNow to process online orders

ChowNow Checkout

When we open the browser extension, we can see that we have a ChowNow login. But without seeing the numeral over the Bitwarden extension in the top right corner, we know that Bitwarden is not ready to autofill the credentials. Likely we have not told Bitwarden to use ChowNow credentials for

Bitwarden vault does not hold ChowNow credentials for

Upon opening the ChowNow item within the Bitwarden browser extension, we see that the website retained in the item is actually a different restaurant,

Opening ChowNow item within the Bitwarden browser extension shows item is named under

Upon processing the order, a login dialog appears. We prefer to log into email and have a long, complex, random, and unique password for every website we visit, so we choose Continue with Email.

ChowNow log in dialogue appears

Knowing we’ll be modifying things in the browser extension, the persistent sidebar for Bitwarden within Firefox is the easy method. Simply select View > Sidebar > Bitwarden. As earlier, there is no matching URI between our ChowNow login and, so Bitwarden does not show an item indicator over the extension in the top right.

Step 3 - Add a custom Uniform Resource Identifier

Log in to ChowNow

Opening the item in the sidebar, we see that we have as website, but not

Bitwarden vault sidebar shows as website

Editing the item allows us to add a second Uniform Resource Identifier, in this case

Edit item to add a second Uniform Resource Identifier

As soon as we save the item and have as a website, as shown in the left sidebar, the item flag for 1 appears in the browser extension on the top right corner, indicating Bitwarden is ready to autofill.

Item flag for 1 appears in the browser extension on the top right corner, indicating Bitwarden is ready to autofill.

Step 4 - Autofill and eat!

Now we can quickly aufofill our ChowNow credentials by using CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + L, or by clicking the item in the browser extension!

Autofilling ChowNow Credentials

After that we can quickly complete our order and get ready to eat!

ChowNow Purchase Confirmation

Use Bitwarden to securely store credit card information

Beyond your favorite apps and restaurant URIs, you can also securely store credit card information in Bitwarden using the Card type. Easily grab your credit card number to reconfirm or the 3-digit security code. With all of your info together in one secure place, it makes online ordering easy.

Organize all of your food delivery apps with Bitwarden

Bitwarden provides the perfect place to keep all of your food app logins along with the websites for all of your favorite restaurants. Add in the right Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and you’ll be autofilling and ordering in no time!

Get started today with your own Bitwarden account, and if you are organizing food for your company consider a business plan to securely share corporate cards and logins.

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