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Understanding Bitwarden Architecture

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Bitwarden serves millions of individuals and businesses and enables them to stay secure online via a suite of products. The Bitwarden Password Manager facilitates secure login access across unlimited devices and flexible deployment options using a client server architecture. Bitwarden also provides a new Secrets Manager and a passwordless solution for developers to easily add passkey authentication to websites and applications.

This post includes resources from three areas of Bitwarden Password Manager architectures: individual and organization vaults, security, and code contributions. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to the Bitwarden Architecture for individuals and businesses

Bitwarden users rely on Bitwarden to store sensitive information both personally and within work environments. This includes logins, secure notes, credit card information and more. Bitwarden supports users having multiple accounts, such as personal and work, and switching between the two.

The presentation titled Bitwarden Architecture reviews:

  • Basics of the Bitwarden Password Manager client server architecture

  • Combining individual vaults and organizational vaults

  • Administrator functions such as integration with SSO and directory services

  • Incorporation of multiple accounts across work and home

    • including how to best configure the free family plan available with enterprise organizations

Security Architecture in the Bitwarden Security Whitepaper

Bitwarden maintains a comprehensive security posture from the ground up using a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach across solutions, software, infrastructure, and processes.

Details are presented in the Bitwarden Security Whitepaper.

The Bitwarden Security Whitepaper is available in HTML and PDF versions
The Bitwarden Security Whitepaper is available in HTML and PDF versions

Contributing to Bitwarden

Bitwarden uses an open source approach to building the industry’s most robust and secure solutions with full transparency. Developers around the world have a chance to watch and contribute to that process!

To get started with contributions to Bitwarden, or to simply get a feel for the approach, visit

The site for contributors includes software workflow diagrams to help you get quickly situated.

Software architecture diagrams are available at
Software architecture diagrams are available at

Get started today

Looking to enhance security for yourself or your business? Check out Bitwarden personal plans or free business trials to stay secure today.

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