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Lights, camera, passwords! Celebrating the stars of the Security’s Got Talent competition

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  2. Lights, camera, passwords! Celebrating the stars of the Security’s Got Talent competition

The power of community

The Security’s Got Talent competition called for contestants to create a short video answering one question: how has your password manager changed your life? 

And the cybersecurity community responded in droves from all around the world with over fifty submissions entering the contest before the deadline. The entries ranged from interviews to eye-catching animations to witty ditties and so much more. 

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Watch the awards show replay!

Best Video Overall - Gold

Taking home the gold from this competition – and a $7,000 prize – is Virginia Bale. Her clever and crisp visuals caught the judges’ attention. Paired with her musical talent, her entry rocketed into first place. Virginia sings the praises password managers for streamlining her her work life, making account logins a breeze.

Best Video Overall - Silver

The runner up took things in another direction with a high-speed, anxious and humorous recounting of his experience being hacked. His first step to securing his digital life afterward: downloading Bitwarden. While the video puts an amusing spin on the events, according to white hat hacker and contest judge Rachel Tobac, experiences like those portrayed in this video are all too common. She recommends using a password manager as one of the first steps for securing your accounts. 

Best Video Overall - Bronze

In third place, a completely different style of video: a cartoon! Check out the adventures of Bitman and Wardboy as the villain Floppy Disk tries to get Bitman to unmask his passwords. Mr. Disk learns the valuable lesson that a password you can’t remember (or pronounce) is a password you can’t give away to a bad actor, no matter how persuasive their performance.

Best Technical Explanation

Have you ever thought about life from a hacker’s perspective? Securitips did. She takes us on a whirlwind journey through the mind of a hacker who enjoys how simple it is to hack into the accounts of people that don’t use a password manager. Securitips cleverly mixed in a crisp, visual metaphor for hashing using a food blender that whet the judges’ appetites, and left them hungry for more!

Best Visuals

Do you sometimes feel like your passwords are working against you? This contestant can relate. Solution: use a password manager! While there were many beautifully made videos submitted to this competition, this one in particular stood out for its distinctive visuals and meticulous detail. The clever cutout presentation wowed the judges and the calm, soothing narration captured their attention.

Most Creative Video 

This competition was brimming with creative, engaging submissions so this was perhaps the most difficult category. However, the claymation/stop-motion style of this video, combined with its extraordinary attention to frame-by-frame detail and a compelling storyline made this video stand out above the rest. The judges also noted the oft-forgotten benefit of password managers that this video highlights: sharing credentials and sensitive information with friends, not only co-workers or family.

Most Enthusiastic Video

The final category of this contest sought the most enthusiastic entry, and Ross Greenburg delivered! His animated expressions captivated the judges. They emphasized the importance of a fast and secure login process, especially when a band you’ve dying to see suddenly announces tour dates.

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