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End-to-end encrypted Bitwarden Secrets Manager now generally available

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Recent studies reveal that 60% of global IT decision makers have reported cyberattacks on their business in the last year. In addition, nearly a quarter of developers operate without secure workflows. 

Recognizing the need for enhanced security, Bitwarden provides businesses with complete enterprise security coverage to protect against unauthorized access. With Bitwarden Secrets Manager, companies can minimize their risk of data breaches. 

Secure unlimited secrets across the development lifecycle

Today, Bitwarden announces the general availability of Bitwarden Secrets Manager, an open source, end-to-end encrypted solution that empowers development teams to easily store, manage, automate, and share secrets at scale. 

The new developer-focused solution brings predictable pricing, superior end-to-end encrypted security, and the ability to store and secure unlimited secrets, including database passwords, API keys, authentication certificates, and other secrets used across the development lifecycle. Bitwarden Secrets Manager helps development teams stay secure by protecting these privileged credentials — and the associated ecosystems — from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Bitwarden Secrets Manager dashboard

Tailored for the needs of modern development teams

With Bitwarden Secrets Manager, developers benefit from:

  • Unlimited secure secret storage

  • Machine-to-machine credential access for easy software deployment

  • Secure sharing - No more hard-coding secrets or sharing env. files!

  • Flexibility - growing list of out-of-the-box integrations and SDKs, in addition to an open source code base and CLI

DevOps benefits from:

  • Scalable and centralized secret management based on least privilege access

  • Rapid deployment with a simple, intuitive solution and comprehensive help documentation

  • Enhanced developer productivity with secure collaboration and ease-of-use

IT benefits from:

  • Machine and user activity audits

  • Easy provisioning of employees with Single Sign-On (SSO), System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), and directory integrations

  • A predictable pricing structure for straightforward planning

  • Complete enterprise security with both Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Bitwarden Password Manager

How customers are harnessing the power of Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Bitwarden Secrets Manager garnered praise from an array of users spanning diverse industries.

Darren Beck, CTO of OLR Retail and TestEvolve, began his search for a secrets manager solution with one major requirement in mind, “We needed some way of being able to inject secret values from a secure location in a secure manner.” In the past, Beck and his teams struggled to find an adequate solution with end-to-end encryption. 

“End-to-end encryption is critical for our company’s security posture. We ensure that it is integrated in every aspect of the software our developers use. You never know when someone will get access. It’s important that every point in the path is secure.”

Throughout the beta program, Beck decided that Bitwarden Secrets Manager would be able to provide the enterprise-level security he was seeking.  

“The fact Bitwarden is open source and publishes the results of its third party security audits gives me confidence I can trust them with my secrets.”

With one secure location to store developer secrets, Bitwarden Secrets Manager also reduces the effects of secret sprawl within the businesses. “Before integrating Bitwarden, we [definitely] experienced secret sprawl. But now, Bitwarden is our source of truth,” says Beck.

Before adopting Bitwarden Secrets Manager, XEOS software engineer, Jonathan Vervaeke and his team needed to take additional security measures to securely send secrets over email, which caused high IT overhead.

“When you want to share secrets, you don't want to send it via email. [With Bitwarden Secrets Manager] It can be transferred to another teammate in a safe way,” says Vervaeke.

Vervaeke and his team needed to ensure that secret access was only granted to the right teammates. With Bitwarden Secrets Manager, users grant access permissions based on individual users, user groups, or service accounts. According to Vervaeke, “Bitwarden Secrets Manager is an easy way to transfer secrets and provide access control around those secrets.”

An exciting roadmap ahead

With a commitment to innovation, Bitwarden will continue to refine Secrets Manager to meet the evolving needs of development teams. Future Bitwarden Secrets Manager releases will include:

  • Additional integrations – Support for Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible integrations, in addition to the existing GitHub Actions integration

  • Expanded language support – Additional SDK languages to meet the diverse needs of developers and users

  • Enhanced access management – Assign service accounts and users to individual secrets, rather than solely at the project level.

Users are encouraged to post feature requests on the Bitwarden community forums or submit code contributions on GitHub.

Get started with Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Ready to secure your developer secrets with Bitwarden Secrets Manager? Explore plans and pricing or contact sales for a free 7-day business trial to get started now.

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