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Now Accepting Bitcoin

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BTC and BCH are now accepted payment methods for Bitwarden products

Today we're happy to announce that Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now accepted methods of payment for both Bitwarden premium membership and organization plan purchases.

Bitcoin payments are accepted in the form of adding "credit" to your account, and then spending this credit toward the product that you'd like to purchase. For example, you can add $10 in credit to your account using Bitcoin, then purchase a $10 premium membership using the "Account Credit" payment method. You can also use account credit as a method of prepaying for future purchases and subscription renewals. Any available credit on your Bitwarden account will be automatically applied towards future invoices generated for the account. You can add credit to your Bitwarden account under Settings → Billing → Add Credit in the web vault.

Finally, we'd like to note that users can also add credit to their Bitwarden account using a PayPal balance. Previously only an attached card or bank account could be used with PayPal, which limited some customer's ability to pay with that method.

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