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Moving Password Managers is Free and Easy

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Password managers are serious business. And moving password managers can be an equally serious step for long-time users.

The good news is that moving password managers can be simple and straightforward, putting you in a position to choose the tools that work best for you.

Migrating to Bitwarden

It’s easy to import data from any other password management solution to a Bitwarden Vault. Bitwarden supports a wide range of formats for import, including those used by the most popular password management solutions.

Check out import guides and get step-by-step instructions for importing your data in this help article:

For advanced users who may have Vaults with unique items, check out a help note on troubleshooting import errors

For more migration information replay our Vault Hours - Migration Edition from February 26th here.

Directly migrate from LastPass with just your login

It’s now easier than ever to make the switch to Bitwarden from LastPass — all you need is your LastPass login! With the direct LastPass importer, use the Bitwarden browser extension or desktop app to directly migrate your sensitive credentials. No file downloading required!

Follow these simple steps to get started or visit this guide for a full list of instructions.

Step 1: Create your organization and onboard administrative users

Step 2: Import to your organization using the direct LastPass importer

Step 3: Onboard users manually or via an existing directory service

Step 4: Configure access to collections and items

See what others are saying

If you’d like to hear from others who made the switch, check out the following presentation which includes comments from our newest users!

Here’s one of our favorites:

Why switch to Bitwarden

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