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Accelerate infrastructure deployment with Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Ansible

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  2. Accelerate infrastructure deployment with Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Ansible

Modern development teams are moving fast. According to PWV Consultants, nearly 70% of software development organizations are releasing multiple times per month or more, and 17.7% of organizations daily or faster. Automation tools — like Ansible — speed up the deployment process and help development teams meet deadlines. 

With the Bitwarden Secrets Manager integration for Ansible, developers can securely inject and retrieve their secrets within their existing infrastructure deployment process — empowering them to move fast and code securely.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is one of the most popular configuration management tools on the market, enabling thousands of businesses to automate their IT infrastructure with reduced manual overhead. With Ansible, IT teams can programmatically configure servers, networks, code repositories, devices, and applications via playbooks, sets of predefined jobs written in simple YAML code. This cuts down the deployment time and improves efficiency.

Secure your Ansible playbooks with Bitwarden Secrets Manager 

The Bitwarden Secrets Manager integration for Ansible, powered by the Ansible lookup plugin, allows your team to securely retrieve and inject secrets like SSH keys, database passwords, and API keys when running a playbook. This further streamlines your programmatic deployment of IT infrastructure while keeping your secrets safe and end-to-end encrypted. 

Strengthen DevOps security 

Stop storing secrets in Ansible files or other insecure locations by standardizing Bitwarden Secrets Manager as the source of truth for secrets. With Secrets Manager, machine credentials used within Ansible playbooks are end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed by authenticated and privileged users or machines, protecting your environments from potential leaks and security breaches.

Increase developer productivity 

Ansible enables development teams to quickly configure multiple servers and applications. By integrating with Bitwarden Secrets Manager, this process is even faster with the easy retrieval of secrets to be utilized in infrastructure as code deployments. Because developer secrets are stored in one secure location, your developers also save time by accessing the secrets they need immediately.

Simple and easy to get started

Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Ansible make it easy for development teams to integrate secrets management capabilities into their current technology stack and developer environments.

For more information on the Ansible lookup plugin and how to get started, check out the help article or this demo video.

Streamline secrets management with Bitwarden

Ready to get started with secure secrets management for your configuration pipelines? Sign up for free or start a complimentary 7-day Teams or Enterprise trial.

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