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Are you looking for a list of sites and platforms that support seamless authentication via passkeys? is a community-driven platform dedicated to collecting and organizing a list of services that are passkey-enabled. From platforms to websites to developer tools and more, you can find a diverse collection of services that support passkey authentication.

What are passkeys?

Passkeys are secure credentials stored on your device, such as a computer or phone, or within a password manager. They enhance security by employing public key cryptography and provide proof of ownership for your online accounts only when you unlock your device. Learn more.

Contributing to the PasskeyIndex

Contributing to is simple. By sharing services that support passkeys, you can help the community save time and effort, especially as passkey adoption  accelerates. Here's how you can contribute to the list via GitHub pull request:

  • Visit the GitHub repository at

  • Fork the repository to your GitHub account.

  • Add your passkey to the appropriate category or create a new category if necessary. Be sure to provide clear and concise information about the passkey, including its name, service, and any relevant details.

  • Commit your changes and push them to your forked repository.

  • Submit a pull request to the main repository, explaining the changes you've made and why they should be included.

  • Sit back and relax while the community reviews your contribution. Once approved, your passkey will be added to the list for everyone to benefit from.

By contributing to, you're not only helping the community access the resources they need, but also building a stronger and more collaborative network around modern passkey authentication. serves as a central hub for discovering services that support passkeys, streamlining your online experience and enhancing security.

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