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Bitwarden releases magic links API

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Magic links offer a secure and intuitive method for authenticating users within applications. When bringing new users on board or facilitating account recovery, a unique one-time use link can be sent via email to grant access to the system. This streamlines the process of user verification and password resets, ultimately improving the user experience without compromising security.

Now, developers using the Bitwarden plug-and-play SDK can leverage the new magic links API to integrate modern passwordless authentication for their users into their applications to improve user experience, increase security, and reduce support burdens associated with passwords.

The magic links API streamlines development and removes the necessity for developers to construct their own magic link system, which involves tasks such as token generation and storage, as well as the creation and integration of links into emails sent to users.

Through Bitwarden, developers can access tools for both passkeys and magic links that lets them add that functionality in just a few lines of code. 

The /magic-links/send endpoint processes POST requests by sending email recipients a magic link containing a URL specified by the user, which redirects them to an endpoint in the application for token verification and sign-in; the request should include the emailAddress, urlTemplate, and userId fields, with an optional timeToLive field indicating the token's validity duration.

Magic links API code example

Magic links provide a seamless and intuitive authentication method for users, eliminating the need to remember and manage passwords. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: By leveraging email-based authentication, magic links offer a secure login process, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and credential theft. The API can be used to verify user email addresses.

  • Streamlined Onboarding: Magic links simplify the onboarding process for new users by eliminating the need for complex password creation and verification steps.

  • Convenient Account Recovery: In the event of password loss or account lockout, magic links offer a straightforward way for users to regain access to their accounts via email.

  • Improved User Experience: Magic links enhance the overall user experience by minimizing friction during the authentication and login process, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention.

What is the magic links API offered through Bitwarden

The magic links API is part of the Bitwarden SDK that allows developers to integrate magic links into their applications for passwordless authentication. Magic links are unique, one-time use links sent via email to grant users access to the system, enhancing security and user experience.

Is this offering a part of Bitwarden Password Manager?

The API is available to customers using Bitwarden, a separate product.

How do magic links work?

Magic links offer a secure and intuitive authentication method by sending users a unique link via email. Upon clicking the link, users are redirected to the application's endpoint for token verification and sign-in, eliminating the need for passwords.

What are the benefits of using magic links?

Magic links provide several benefits, including enhanced security through email-based authentication, streamlined onboarding for new users, convenient account recovery options, and an improved overall user experience by minimizing authentication friction.

How does magic links API simplify development?

The magic links API streamlines development by providing developers with pre-built endpoints for sending magic links via email. This removes the need for developers to construct their own magic links system, saving time and effort.

Is the magic links API available for all Bitwarden plans?

Yes, the magic links API is available for all Bitwarden plans. The Free plan allows for the generation of 100 emails per month, while the Pro and Enterprise plans offer up to 1,000 emails per month.

How can I get started with the magic links API?

To get started with the magic links API, developers can sign up for a free Bitwarden account and access the documentation for implementation details. Try it out today to enhance authentication in your application!

Pricing and availability

The magic links API is available immediately as part of the Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans for Bitwarden With the Free plan, developers will be able to generate 100 emails per month or 1,000 emails per month with the Pro and Enterprise plans.

To learn more about the magic links implementation, check out the documentation. To try them out for your application, create a free Bitwarden account.

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