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Using Bitwarden with your Apple Vision Pro

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The Apple Vision Pro shows us what the future of computing interfaces might look like. As with setting up any new device, the process often requires signing in to many of our websites and services. 

Good news for Apple Vision Pro users! The Bitwarden iOS application works perfectly in this environment. Bitwarden users with an Apple Vision Pro can benefit from out of the box application compatibility and benefit from easy access to all of their logins and vault items, including the ability to auto-fill.

For a sample of the Bitwarden experience with Apple Vision Pro check out the following short video where you can see:

  • Bitwarden Login with Optic ID

  • Viewing the Vault, Password Generator, and Settings

  • Using Bitwarden Send

  • Resizing windows

  • Auto-fill logins

  • Use the built-in Bitwarden Authenticator for two-factor authentication

Enjoy using your Apple Vision Pro!

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