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Anders Aberg, Director of Passwordless

Anders Åberg is the Director of Passwordless at Bitwarden, where he leads the company's work on passkeys and passwordless authentication. He brings over a decade of engineering and leadership experience to this role. Anders is a member of the W3C and FIDO Alliance working groups, contributing his expertise in areas such as passkeys, open source, technology and code, and developer experience.

Prior to Bitwarden, Anders founded, which was later acquired by the company. As an experienced engineer and former startup founder, he brings a deep technical background and leadership skills to his current role, driving innovation in the passwordless authentication space. Anders is passionate about improving security and developer experience through open standards and modern authentication methods. He is also a maintainer of several open source projects and member of the .net foundation.

Areas of expertise


Open source and open standards

Developer experience

Systems design

Passwordless authentication

Engineering and leadership


The end goal isn’t to have zero passwords, says Bitwarden’s passkey expert

" is an API service that allows developers to build passkey support into their apps.

If you’re a web developer that wants to add passkeys and help your users sign in securely, faster, and easier, so that they don’t forget their passwords, then enables you to add that to your app in minutes instead of weeks or months spent researching and building."

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Bitwarden acquires passwordless authentication startup

“Customers want passwordless authentication solutions that are unique to their companies and end users, but building differentiated experiences is resource intensive,” said founder Anders Åberg.

“Bitwarden and will make passwordless more accessible for everyone.”


Apple @ Work Podcast: A Passwordless Check-in

“The rise of passkeys…nowadays is a tectonic shift for authentication. It makes authentication secure and as seamless as unlocking your phone.

It’s been a gradual process to get here. There’ve been advancements in hardware, fingerprint technology, and face recognition…and a lot of work has gone into coming up with the protocols and software to drive this.”

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