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Bitwarden is SoftwareReviews’ #1 Business Password Manager

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For the fourth straight year, Bitwarden ranked first in the SoftwareReviews Password Management Emotional Footprint Report.

This year, Bitwarden scored a Net Emotional Footprint of +95; the highest among all business password management software providers.

Bitwarden performed best in the Reliable and Fair categories, finishing with a 99% and 98% positive emotional footprint, respectively. More categories shedding light on Bitwarden customer satisfaction include:

  • Leads with Client's Interest First - 95%

  • Product is Continually Improving - 95%

  • Over Delivers on Expectations - 93%

  • Unique Features - 94%

  • Helps Innovate - 96%

  • Appreciates Incumbent Status - 95%

  • Friendly Negotiation - 96%

  • Fair - 97%

  • Vendor is Inspiring - 97%

  • Vendor Generosity - 96%

How does your password manager make you feel? 

They say the most important thing about you is how you make others feel. The same can be said for software.

How a software tool makes you feel is foundational to the overall user experience. If you feel good about the software, you will use it more. The same is often true if you feel good about the company that made the software. These two aspects of emotion and user experience are especially important when software is security-focused. Security-focused tools must elicit positive emotions in users if you want the product to be sticky and the user to adopt the product. When users are delighted by the security software in your tech stack, it leads to better security practices and a better overall security posture for your company. 

Emotional response to the Bitwarden Password Manager; quantified

Third-party review site SoftwareReviews examines customer satisfaction through this holistic lens in its Emotional Footprint Reports. 

SoftwareReviews states, “The Net Emotional Footprint measures high-level user sentiment towards particular product offerings. It aggregates emotional response ratings for various dimensions of the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness, creating a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.

Ranking first in SoftwareReviews' Net Emotional Footprint report is a huge honor for Bitwarden as we strive to create great products and make cybersecurity accessible to all through the fully featured free plan. Bitwarden has a strong, dedicated community that proactively contributes to the success of Bitwarden products and to Bitwarden as a whole. 

[GM] SoftwareReviews emotional footprint grid

Bitwarden delivers on emotions and function

Every November, SoftwareReviews publishes the Data Quadrant Report. This report measures user sentiment on a scale from disappointed to delighted across vendor capabilities like Ease of IT Administration, Ease of Implementation, Business Value Created, etc. It also measures product satisfaction on the same scale for features like Access From Multiple Devices, Data Tracking and Audit Trail, Password Generator, and more. 

Bitwarden finished first in the latest SoftareReviews Data Quadrant report, which was published in November 2023. Most notably, Bitwarden was the only password manager in the top two of each vendor capability, as shown in the table below.

[GM] 2023 software reviews data quadrant vendor capability summary

How to get the report

SoftwareReviews’ Password Manager Emotional Footprint Report

Get started with Bitwarden

Ready to experience trusted password management for your business? Get started with a free business trial to help your enterprise stay safe online, or contact sales with any questions.

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