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Security Advice for Small and Midsize Businesses

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The National Cybersecurity Alliance, a non-profit that co-leads Cybersecurity Awareness Month, recently shared an article about small and midsize businesses maintaining cybersecurity and avoiding data breaches.

The article, “3 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know,” offers three insights and recommendations for security. They include:

  • Small to midsize businesses are easy targets

  • You need a pre-planned disaster response

  • Monitoring your security is essential

Under the monitoring section, the author writes the following:

“The big problem with cyberattacks is that they seem to come completely out of the blue. While this may be the case for some attacks, prior to an attack, there are usually signs of hackers attempting to access your server. Using network monitoring software can help identify where hackers are focusing their efforts and prevent them from making a successful attack.”

These three tips are accurate and valuable. Small businesses can also take another critically important security step with the use of strong and unique passwords. Passwords are the first line of defense for access to information, and the best method for managing passwords across an organization is to use a password manager. Most password managers are intuitive and easily integrated into existing workflows. They also require little training. In short, they offer a lot of bang for their buck, saving small and midsize businesses time, money, and peace of mind in the long run.

For cash-conscious businesses, network monitoring software is a nice-to-have. But strong and unique passwords? They’re a must-have. While we’re on the topic of credential security, another low-cost must-have is some form of multi-factor authentication, which offers an extra layer of defense.

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