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Welcome to the Open Source Security Summit!

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We know cyberattacks are on the rise and that both individuals and organizations are targets. But in recent times, two things have become readily apparent.

First, reducing the risk of cyberattacks is both a personal and professional challenge. Our lives are inextricably linked and everyone needs to protect themselves at home and at work.

Second, we are all in this together. No single company can move the needle enough on security. Open source offers transparency and community benefits to mutually solving security challenges in a way that was not possible before open source models emerged.

Introducing the Open Source Security Summit! December 10, 2020

The Open Source Security Summit is a forum to explore the intersection of open source and security. We chose to focus on credential management initially, which remains a critical first line of defense for individuals and companies to mitigate cyberattacks.

Building upon years of industry open source and security efforts, we aim to engage a community of like-minded enthusiasts sharing their ideals and tactics to make online experiences safer for everyone.

Opening Speaker Lineup

Our initial summit features industry leaders pushing both the industry and their organizations forward.

Mårten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne, and former CEO of MySQL

Mårten will share his views on Open Source and Open Security Industry Directions, including what we see now, and can expect in the future. Mårten’s experience as the CEO of MySQL, the world's most popular open source database, and now CEO of HackerOne, which delivers the industry standard for hacker-powered security, puts him in a unique position to see how open source and open security are converging to take us in new directions.

Mark Miller, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Mark will discuss Building High-Velocity Teams with Secure Shared Credentials and share his journey before and after diving into the world of open source credential management. Mark will detail previous solutions, implementations, and drawbacks of initial approaches and what forced the team to seek change. He will discuss the choices considered, and how a final implementation was selected. He’ll conclude by showcasing how a modern approach to shared credentials offers benefits to the team and beyond that to the entire organization.

Freshman, Enterprise Security Architect, Red Hat

Freshman will address It’s 2021 – A New Path for Identity and Credential Management. In dialogue with Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden, Freshman will share how the modern professional era is upon us. Distributed teams, remote work, global collaboration, and employee empowerment are causing companies and security professionals to reconsider prior assumptions and approaches. Employees need tools and training to contribute in this new era, but they need to do so safely and effectively. What are the right questions to ask and the optimal frameworks to pursue? Expect provocative questions and dialogue in this discussion!

Engineering Roundtable and Password Management Roadmaps

The second part of the Summit includes a panel discussion with engineering team members from Bitwarden on how they approach product development. In addition, Chad Scharf, Director of Engineering at Bitwarden, will share some of the company roadmap along with industry development directions.

Lightning Talks

There is an open invitation for 5-minute Lightning Talks to accompany the event. If interested, please visit the event registration.

An Open Call to the Community

Above all, the Open Source Security Summit starts with an invitation to the cause of better security through empowerment. Open source plays a foundational role in building trust and collaboration, and it is time to further this approach within the industry, allowing more people to become experts in credential management best practices, and passing that knowledge to others.

In December we will cover the issues together. In 2021, collectively, we’ll be prepared to drive a more secure and open agenda.

Register for this virtual and free event December 10, 2020

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