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Now available: Enterprise self-hosting for Bitwarden Secrets Manager

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Bitwarden Secrets Manager empowers developers to securely store, manage, share, and automate critical infrastructure secrets at scale. With end-to-end encryption, open source security, unlimited secret storage, predictable pricing — and now self-hosting options — Bitwarden Secrets Manager is trusted by developers and DevOps everywhere to protect and secure secrets throughout the development lifecycle.

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Self-hosting now available

Self-hosting is now available for enterprises looking to gain further control of their secrets management environment and data. New or existing Bitwarden customers on enterprise plans can bring the same secrets management cloud features into a self-host installation. 

Alleviate enterprise security challenges

Enterprise organizations experience a unique set of security challenges and characteristics that may make them a good fit for self-hosting their secrets management solution. 

Enterprises often find themselves as prime targets for malicious attacks due to their expansive tech stacks, sheer size, and organizational complexity. As a result, they need to invest heavily in dedicated security teams and establish robust protocols.

Self-hosting allows enterprises with an intricate tech stack to further gain control of their secret data by hosting on their own network or infrastructure. Dedicated security teams bring the  technical expertise needed to launch and maintain a self-host environment. A self-hosted secrets management solution not only empowers development teams with secure secrets management, but also helps DevOps adhere to enterprise security protocols.

Robust self-hosting deployment

Bitwarden offers a robust deployment for self-hosting Secrets Manager. Deployed using multiple Docker Linux containers, Bitwarden Secrets Manager can be hosted on Linux, macOS, and Windows machines and utilizes a Microsoft SQL Server database.

For users interested in a one-click cloud-based solution, deployment is also offered as a DigitialOcean droplet where Secrets Manager will be hosted on a virtual machine.

For customers with a Kubernetes environment, a Helm chart and documentation for installing Bitwarden to various types of Kubernetes deployments is available.

Learn more about self-hosting Bitwarden Secrets Manager in this FAQ article.

Secure your developer ecosystem with Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Ready to begin your secrets management journey? See if self-hosting Bitwarden Secrets Manager is right for your enterprise by contacting sales or explore Secrets Manager first-hand with a free 7-day business trial.

Note: This blog was updated on December 7th, 2023.

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