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Bitwarden releases Android SDK for passkey development

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Android represents one of the largest mobile platforms with a total global cell phone market share of 67%. Android applications continue to grow rapidly and developers are constantly looking for ways to improve authentication for their users. 

To better serve the needs of developers looking to passkey-enable their Android applications, Bitwarden has released a new Android SDK that puts FIDO2 passkey development tools directly in the hands of developers.

The Android client SDK from Bitwarden empowers users to utilize their Android device's integrated fingerprint sensor or FIDO security keys, enabling secure passwordless access to websites and native applications that adhere to the FIDO2 protocols. Furthermore, the SDK trims down development time for developers looking to add modern passkey based authentication to their applications and provides benefits like:

  • Simplified integration: The SDK offers a straightforward integration process, allowing developers to add passwordless authentication to their apps with minimal effort.

  • Multiple authentication methods: Developers can leverage email, SMS, or biometric authentication methods to provide users with flexible login options.

  • Enhanced security: Passwordless authentication enhances security by eliminating the need for passwords and incorporating additional verification layers such as email or SMS verification and biometric authentication.

  • Seamless user experience: By eliminating the hassle of remembering and entering passwords, passwordless authentication delivers a seamless login experience, resulting in higher user satisfaction and retention rates.

Getting started with the Bitwarden Android SDK

To get started with the Android SDK, developers can follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Bitwarden account and obtain API credentials

  • Install the SDK into your Android project using Gradle or Maven

  • Initialize the SDK with your API credentials

  • Implement passwordless authentication methods such as email, SMS, or biometric authentication

  • Handle authentication callbacks and provide appropriate feedback to users

Learn more by checking out the getting started documentation and test it for yourself by signing up for a free Bitwarden account!

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