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Your IT department knows that most security breaches happen due to the use of weak passwords. But do they know about Bitwarden?

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Thank you for everything you do to keep our company operating smoothly! I know you’re very busy, so I'll jump straight to the point. Included below are several reasons why our company should consider adopting the Bitwarden password manager:

  • Bitwarden is open source and regularly undergoes third party security audits.
  • Passwords, documents, and other sensitive information are stored in an end-to-end encrypted vault and can be securely shared with anyone, inside or outside of our organization.
  • Advanced features such as autofill, Single Sign-On, and biometric authentication save users time and minimize friction when logging into online accounts.
  • Flexible directory integration options and user managementfeatures make it easy to onboard users and designate access permissions.
  • Event logs and vault health reports offer transparency into our organization’s user activity and password security.

If you are ready to get started, sign up for a free business trial: https://bitwarden.com/trial

Thanks and reach out if you have any questions.

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Thank you for everything you do to keep our company operating smoothly! Have you heard of Bitwarden? It’s an enterprise-ready password manager with zero-knowledge encryption and advanced features such as SSO and directory integrations, access management, health reports, event logs and more. Check it out yourself with a free trial: https://bitwarden.com/trial/

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