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Rolling out Bitwarden to your Organization

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Start a fully-featured free trial to see just how easy it is to switch from your current credential management provider.

For a full list of Enterprise features, visit the Bitwarden for Enterprise Features Datasheet, or read more about How Bitwarden Brings Value to Your Business.

Roll Out Guide

Get your team up and running by following simple steps outlined in the Bitwarden roll out guide (Proof-of-Concept Project Checklist).

Learn how to:

Not sure what to do next? Contact the sales team to get back on track.

User Adoption

To increase user adoption and improve team security, help your team make Bitwarden a daily habit—Bitwarden is free to download for personal use, and Enterprise plans include a complimentary Families plan

Enterprise Users can easily redeem the complimentary families plan directly from their Bitwarden account settings in the web vault—follow these steps to find out how. 

Attend the live weekly demo, watch a replay or check out the slide deck. The Bitwarden 101 playlist has several short videos to get you started.

To see if your question has already been answered, you can also get connected with the Bitwarden community.

Visit the Help Center for official documentation and the Learning Center for course modules.

Contact the sales team to ask about training opportunities.

For additional support, contact the support team with any questions.

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