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Bitwarden Essentials Series: Removing Items from Your Organization (Unsharing)

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Speaker Notes

Click here to access the Removing Items from Organization (Unsharing) Google Slides presentation.

Removing Items from Organizations (Unsharing)

Welcome to the Bitwarden Essentials Series. Today, we are going to discuss Removing Items from Organizations. This is sometimes called unsharing.

Unsharing is Not Unsharing  

One thing regarding unsharing I want to make sure to cover is just because you are unsharing an item doesn’t mean you’re unsharing. Even after you unshare an item, a best practice is updating the password to that item to ensure no trace is left behind. 

Unsharing: Locate Item

Once you are in the Organization, you will want to search for the specific item in the organization you want to Unshare. First, start in the web vault by going to, next click your organization and find your item.

Unsharing: Cloning

Make a copy of the item before you unshare to make sure you keep all of the correct information and do not lose anything needed. To do so, you will click the gear icon associated with the specific item and click clone.

Unsharing: Ownership 1

You will want to see who owns the item. In this example you will see the Organization does. 

Unsharing: Ownership 2

You will want to update the owner of the item to the individual.

Unsharing: Cloning Confirmation

Once you save the update, the cloned item will be added and you will receive confirmation via the green notification banner that cloning was successful. 

Unsharing: Cloned Item

The cloning is now complete and you can see in My Vault the original item is still being shared. The cloned item is right below it and you can tell it is the cloned item since it is labeled ‘Clone’ at the end. The cloned item is not being shared with any Organization.

Unsharing: Deleting Original Item

Now that you have successfully cloned the item, you can now delete the original. To delete the original vault item, you will click on the original item and select delete from the gear drop down.

Unsharing: Deleting Item

Whenever you delete an Item, you will receive confirmation via the green banner letting you know the item has been removed and sent to the trash.

Unsharing: Permanently Deleting Item

Once the item is in the trash, go to your trash and permanently delete that item.

Unsharing: Confirming Deletion

Select yes to confirm you want to permanently delete this item.


Finally, you will receive confirmation the item has been permanently deleted. Now you can see in My Vault I have the cloned time, but the original shared item is no longer there and has been successfully and permanently deleted.

For More Information Slide

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about Removing Items from Your Organization, also called Unsharing.  For more information, please visit us online at

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