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Bitwarden Essentials Series: Moving Items to Your Organization (Sharing)

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Speaker Notes

Click here to access the Moving Items to Organization Collection (Sharing) Google Slides presentation.

Moving Items to Organization Collections (Sharing)

Welcome to the Bitwarden Essentials Series. Today, we are going to discuss Moving Items to Organization Collections. This is also known as sharing.

Adding Items to Collections 1

We are going to walk-through adding a URL login into your default collection.

Adding Items to Collections 2

First, you want to search for the specific login you are wanting to Share, in this example we are going to share, which has already been added to my vault.

Adding Items to Collections 3

When you scroll all the way down, you will select the button ‘Move Item’.

Sharing Items to Collections 1

Next, you are prompted to select the specific Organization (if you are affiliated with more than one) and then select the Collection it should be added to. You will only be able to add an item to a Collection you have access to.

Sharing Items to Collections 2

Once you have saved your item, you will receive confirmation via a green notification to let you know it has been successful. 

Sharing Items to Collections 3

You will be able to see which items are shared within the Organization based on the shared (cube) icon next to the individual items.

For More Information

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about Moving Items to Organization Collections. For more information, please visit us online at

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